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Chapter 234: Mutual Exploitation

When the phone call connected, Liang Xiuqin told Yun Yuanfeng about the incident.

Before she could finish complaining, Yun Yuanfeng scolded her and told her to get home immediately and stop causing trouble for him.

Feeling aggrieved after being scolded, Liang Xiuqin felt a burning rage boil up inside her, and she shook with fury.

After failing to garner any support from Yun Yuanfeng, she glanced at Liang Xinyi, who was still crying, and she snorted.

“I guess you should suffer the consequences of the trouble you caused for yourself.

The police have said that you will be detained for seven days.

I will bail you out after seven days.”

“Aunt, you cant treat me like this! I dont want to stay here! You must make them let me out! Wheres my uncle You can ask my uncle for help.

He is so influential that they will definitely let me out.”

“This is a critical period concerning your uncles promotion.

His every move is being scrutinized for something that others can use to blackmail him.

Do you want to ruin him”

After being scolded by her husband, Liang Xiuqin had come to her senses.

Compared to Liang Xinyi, this idiot, of course her husbands future was more important.

“Even if you dont want to stay here, it serves you right for doing something so stupid as stealing.

Im warning you, if you dont learn from this experience, I may not even bail you out in seven days.

The bail is a large amount of money, and even your parents wouldnt be able to provide such a large amount of money.

You really need to think about what you have done.”

It distressed Liang Xiuqin when she thought about how much money the bail was.

Before she had received any benefits from Liang Xinyi, she had to drop a large sum of money on her.

What a huge loss!

If she proved to be of no value to her in the future, she would definitely kick her back to the countryside.

Upon seeing Liang Xiuqins indifferent, cold eyes, Liang Xinyi immediately felt crestfallen.

The resentfulness and fury inside her was like a blunt knife stabbing a wound again and again, giving her a dull and aching pain.

Their relationship had always been that of mutual exploitation, but she had overestimated her position in Liang Xiuqins heart.

Shed tried her best to drive that little b*tch Yun Xi back to the countryside.

Although shed failed, shed done all this for Liang Xiuqin, as this was her goal.

She thought that even if she hadnt praised her, she could show forgiveness for her efforts.

But, in the end, everything, including family affection, was all fake.

She was just a pawn, a pawn of Liang Xiuqins desires for exploitation.

Li Sinuo, who had completed all the jails procedures, followed her father with red eyes.

Liang Xinyi yanked her back and glared at her fiercely, as she asked angrily, “Why can you go, but I have to be detained”

Li Sinuo yanked her hand away and mustered an extremely ugly grimace.

There was contempt on her face.

If it hadnt been for Liang Xinyis incompetence, she wouldnt be in such a miserable situation.

She had almost succeeded in taking down that wretched girl Yun Xi!

She had fallen to where she was today partly because of Liang Xinyi.

“It wasnt me who stole the things, so who can you blame but yourself for your own stupidity”

According to their scheme, she was only responsible for luring Yun Xi upstairs and pushing her inside.

All the other parts of the plan had nothing to do with her.

Liang Xinyi was different.

She had been directly involved in the theft, so her crime was heavier.

This was a shameful matter.

Li Sinuos father pulled her over and gave Liang Xinyi a cold glare, then led his daughter out of the police station.

Upon thinking of the personal sacrifices shed made for the scheme, including the photo and the detention, Liang Xinyi really regretted it.

She didnt get anything, and shed ruined her precious reputation.

Upon thinking about all of this, her hatred for Yun Xi, the culprit, exploded.

Upon hearing that Liang Xinyi and Li Sinuo had gotten sent to the police station, Zhao Yumo was so happy that she jumped off the steps and hugged Yun Xi.

“D*mn, Yun Xi, you are so impressive! You have to be merciless toward those two, who are too big for their britches.”

“Thats enough, you dont have to be so dramatic and use these idioms.

Liang Xinyi sacrificed so much to help Han Wanling.

Im actually more curious about what benefits she got from Han Wanling.”

Speechless, Zhao Yumo rolled her eyes.

“Even Sun Ming, the pervert, was involved, so what could it be”

“Even if she got full marks on the P.E.

section of the college entrance examination, if her grades were still bad, she wont be able to get into university.

Moreover, after this incident, the school will definitely expel her.”

“Then Liang Xinyi will really suffer a huge loss.

Sacrificing herself and getting nothing, hahahahaha! Shes so stupid!”

“She didnt necessarily get nothing.

Perhaps Han Wanling will arrange a good school for her.”

“Since shes getting kicked out, from now on you will be able to come to school with peace of mind.”

“Thats true.”

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