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Chapter 242: Pushed Out as a Scapegoat

After finishing up the video call, Mu Feichi took out his phone and dialed a number.

The phone was quickly picked up, and a mans respectful voice sounded on the other end, “Young Marshal Mu!”

“Han Wanling has suffered extreme humiliation from being forced to stay in the police station, so she will definitely try to exact revenge against the Yun family.

I want you to pass the word on, no one should dare to touch Yun Yuanfeng.

If anyone listens to Han Wanling and ruthlessly attacks the Yun family, do what you must!”

His deep voice echoed in the quiet room, and the ferocity of his tone revealed the decisive coldness of a high-ranking person in charge.

On the other end of the phone, Qi Yuan quickly understood what he meant.

“Young Marshal Mu, you dont want anyone else to know about your relationship with Yun Xi, am I right”

Everyone in Jingdu now knows that Han Wanling has offended Young Marshal Mu, but they dont know that Yun Xi is involved in any way.

Han Wanling has caused a huge ruckus about this, and the Yun family will definitely suspect that there is bad blood between Yun Xi and Han Wanling.

Once the Yun family finds out that Yun Xi is involved with Young Marshal Mu, with Yun Yuanfengs greed, Yun Xi will become merely a chess piece that her father will move back and forth.

“Just pass on the message that I told you.” Mu Feichi did not answer Qi Yuans question and directly ended the conversation.

“Yes, boss! I will pass on the order!”

After hanging up the phone, Mu Feichi stared at the video that had just been recorded.

Upon seeing the young girl on the screen, he couldnt help but smile.

Originally, hed wanted to deal with Han Wanling by himself, but since Yun Xi had enjoyed dealing with her so much, hed decided to let her get on with it.

No matter how much of a ruckus she stirred up, he would always have her back.

With the news about Han Wanling being taken to the police station, as well as the inside story that Yun Xi had leaked to the media, the headlines the next morning were extremely juicy.

At the dining table, Yun Ziling patted the newspaper and looked at Yun Xi mockingly.

“Sister, did you use this incident to frame your cousin and send her to prison You have also embarrassed the eldest daughter of the Han family.

How impressive!”

Originally, Yun Yuanfeng hadnt known what had happened, but now that the Han family was involved, he couldnt help feeling nervous.

“Yun Xi, what was the issue How could you offend Miss Hans family”

“Dad, I didnt.

I just got back from the countryside.

How could I have even met the eldest lady of the Han family Miss Han caused drama at our school yesterday by instructing Liang Xinyi to steal something with help from a gangster.

Unfortunately, I had previously saved the gangster in a different incident, so he broke Han Wanlings confidence and accused her of the crime as a gesture of gratitude to me.

The police happened to be there, and they all went to the police station.”

“Then whats the issue with your cousin How does she know Miss Han”

After having had a fight with Liang Xiuqin yesterday, he wasnt in the mood to pay any attention to Liang Xinyi.

However, when the news had broken today, hed realized that this was no small matter.

“I dont know.

She has been going out early and returning late lately.

I think she has been working hard to become friends with Miss Han and her entourage.

It also could be just a coincidence.

However, Liang Xinyi did steal something and she was captured by the surveillance camera.”

Yun Xi took a sip of her soy milk and raised her head indifferently.

“As for whether or not it will offend the Han family…”

Liang Xiuqin put down her chopsticks with a bang and snorted coldly.

“I think youre the one who has offended the Han family, isnt that so I also want to ask, what sort of grudge do you have against Miss Han for you to go out of your way to deal with her.

Dont you know it will drag down the Yun family Can we afford to offend the Han family”

“Mom, youre so hilarious.

Wasnt it Liang Xinyi who offended Han Wanling It has nothing to do with me.

She was the one who stole the things.

If the Han family is really looking for trouble, they can simply make Liang Xinyi their scapegoat.

Besides, she is an outsider and has nothing to do with the Yun family.”

“You shut up!” Liang Xiuqin felt furious when she heard that perhaps Liang Xinyi was going to be pushed out as a scapegoat.

Yun Xi was already conspiring against Liang Xinyi.

How sly of her!

“If the Han family condemns the Yun family, I will settle accounts with you first.”

Yun Xi sneered.

“Mom, you really dont know right from wrong!”

“Enough, shut up, you two,” Yun Yuanfeng yelled impatiently.

“If the Han family really comes looking for trouble, we can get rid of Liang Xinyi.

Yun Xi is right.

She is an outsider.

Dealing with her will not involve the Yun family!”

“Husband! She is also your niece, so how can you be so ruthless”

“Whether my niece or my biological daughter is more important, I know the answer better than you do!”

Without bothering to speak to her any further, Yun Yuanfeng picked up the car keys and promptly went out the door.

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