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Chapter 244: Whoever Dares Touch You Will Become My Enemy

In the office of the President of Yangchen Group, Chen Yichen, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking tall and upright.

A young man of brilliant talent, hed skipped a few grades in school.

Jing University had admitted him early as an exceptional student, and he had graduated two years earlier than his peers.

As an eldest son of Jingdu, he was a model among the children of the Four Great Clans and beyond the reach of most of his peers.

However, now, from where he was standing, he had begun to gradually understand that the cold at the top is very hard to deal with.

He had been very moved by what Mu Feichi had said to the media yesterday.

Usually, people like them knew what they wanted better than others.

As for the woman he wanted, he doesnt need her to be exceptional.

He just needs her to be able to stand by his side and accompany him in his voyage around the prosperity of the world.

As this thought flashed through his mind, Yun Xis babyish, stubborn face appeared in his mind.

The woman he wanted was someone like her.

Beneath his feet was a dense concrete forest, and ant-like cars were traversing the road.

He glanced at the empty place beside him, and, when he thought about Yun Xi, he didnt feel so lonely anymore.

His secretary knocked on the door and came in, then stood behind him and reported, “President, Ive finished investigating what you asked me to.”

The news about the Han groups socialite, which had been reported this morning, had involved Jing High School, so Chen Yichen had immediately asked his subordinates to investigate it without even realizing why hed done it.

Chen Yichen turned around, and his secretary quickly passed a folder to him.

Looking over the information in the folder, he skimmed through it.

After ascertaining that the girl he cared about was fine, he was relieved.

After finishing with the folder, Chen Yichen threw it down on the desk casually.

“Han Wanling is the eldest daughter of the Han family.

How could she do such a thing without thinking The Han family really has ended up in the gutter.”

“It was probably something to do with Young Marshal Mu, and she chose to vent on Miss Yun.

Unfortunately, her gimmicks were too petty and amateurish, so Miss Yun dealt with her mercilessly.

It turned out very satisfactorily.”

Chen Yichen raised his eyebrows and glared at the secretary with somber eyes.

Yun Xi was his woman! What was the secretary so happy about

Realizing that he had been too candid, the secretary coughed and lowered his eyes.

He then asked in a serious manner, “When this mornings news came out, the share price of the Han Group has continued to fall.

Are we going to attack the Han family”

Chen Yichen sat on the edge of the desk.

His straight legs under his suit trousers appeared strong and sturdy.

He lowered his eyes, and, tapping his fingers on a pile of official documents, he said after a while, “It doesnt make much sense to hit the nail on their coffin at this time.”

“Then…what do you mean, President”

It was obvious that the Presidents attention and concern for that little girl had surpassed that of someone who had saved his life.

No matter how one looked at it, it seemed as if he was pampering her as if she was going to be his wife.

As his chief secretary, Xu Han naturally didnt think he was going to stop there.

“To deal with a woman, you have to start with what she cares about the most.

Doesnt Han Wanling have a half-brother Let the illegitimate child take her place and rob her of her right to inheritance as the eldest daughter.

At that time, the Han family will start to fight among themselves, and the other three great clans will be ready to stir up trouble.

Rather than let her die, I would rather see her life become a living hell.”

Xu Han suddenly understood what Chen Yichen was talking about.

His eyes narrowed.

“The younger brother of Han Wanlings b*stard is ambitious.

If he supports and nurtures him, Im worried that you will be turning a blind eye to him raising a wolf.”

Men were not useless scoundrels, and ruthless characters like him were especially difficult to guard against.

“The prerequisite for raising a wolf is that you can control it! If there wasnt absolute certainty, I wouldnt bring trouble upon myself.

Han Wanlings reputation is so bad at the moment, and now is the best time to start preparing!”

Xu Han raised his head, smiled, and said what they had both been thinking, “Do you plan to use the Xinghai Project as bait”

“You know thats what Im talking about.

Go and prepare!”

“Yes! I understand!”

Xu Han set out to fulfill his command, and Chen Yichen touched the faint scar on his throat.

“Little Yun Xi, whoever dares touch you will become my enemy!”

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