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Chapter 245: Lure Han Yaotian into Her Trap

Liang Xinyi spent the saddest seven days of her life at the police station.

She wasnt able to take a bath, which was really intolerable.

Then she had to sleep on a cement board for a bed and go to the bathroom in a pit right next to her bed.

The stench kept her awake at night.

The food she was given was worse than the food shed eaten when she lived in the countryside.

She was used to having been treated like a precious jewel by her parents, but now it seemed as if she was less worthy than even a stone.

The people in the cells nearby were either drug dealers, drunk drivers, or prostitutes.

Their dirty curse words and perverted language truly astonished her.

For seven days, she fantasized about chopping that wretched b*tch Yun Xi into meat sauce to feed to the dogs, over and over again.

If it hadnt been for this hatred keeping her going, she really wouldnt have had the will to live.

The worst nightmare in her life had been caused by that wretched b*tchs family.

She was going to settle this account sooner or later.

When Liang Xiuqin finally came to bail her out, Liang Xinyi had grown to truly hate that woman, but she was forced to swallow her feelings for now.

People who wanted to go under a fence had to bow their heads.

She would never forget the words her mother had taught her.

When she got what she wanted, there would be ways to trample over these people.

Now they were all simply using each other…

After finishing up with the bail formalities, Liang Xiuqin scolded Liang Xinyi for making her part ways with such a huge sum of money.

“Auntie, if youre upset about the money, you should take it back from that wretched girl Yun Xi.

I heard Miss Han say that since shed saved Young Marshal Mu and ruined her plans, she was going to settle accounts with Yun Xi.”

Liang Xiuqin immediately grasped what she was saying.

“You said Yun Xi saved Young Marshal Mu Why, I didnt know about that at all!”

Upon seeing that she had been hooked by the bait, Liang Xinyi continued talking with a blank expression.

“Who is Young Marshal Mu He is Jingdus one and only Young Marshal Mu, a celebrity and a figure revered by the masses.”

Liang Xinyi exaggerated in order to feed into Liang Xiuqins fantasies.

“If the Yun family had connections with him, then it wouldnt be difficult at all for uncle to get promoted.

Moreover, if Young Marshal Mu isnt married, and he takes a liking to Ziling or Chuhan, then you could become Young Marshal Mus mother-in-law, right”

Upon hearing this, Liang Xiuqins eyes lit up.

Compared to being a wealthy wife, being Young Marshal Mus mother-in-law was much more glorious and respectable.

She would love to become Young Marshal Mus mother-in-law, so that from now on, all the wealthy socialites in Jingdu wouldnt dare to look down on her.

“Are you sure that wretched girl saved Young Marshal Mu”

“Auntie, I have been in the police station for so many days.

Would I dare to lie to you again after such a lesson If it hadnt been for her offending Ms.

Han, would I have had to enter the police station After all, this is all that wretched girl Yun Xis fault.

She didnt tell you about it, because she was afraid that you would try to take advantage of her.

Look, all she did for the Chen family was save their eldest son, and now the entire Chen family is supporting her.”

“Okay, I get it.”

Now that she had received this good news, she didnt care about the bail money anymore.

If they could claim ties with Young Marshal Mu, who could care about such a small amount of money

At lunch, Yun Xi glanced at the news report on TV.

Because of Han Wanlings scandal, the stock price of the Han Group had fallen for a while.

Investors had withdrawn their capital because of the fear of inadvertently offending Young Marshal Mu.

The entire Han family was in mayhem, and all the media, whether gossip or financial, were reporting on the Han familys crisis.

Yun Xi gazed at the picture of Han Yaotian on the TV screen, and her teeth bit down on her bamboo chopsticks unconsciously.

During the Han Groups time of crisis, Han Yaotian, an illegitimate child, had been pushed to take on the responsibility for it.

Han Yaotian had just graduated from university and ambitiously entered the business world.

In her previous life, he had become famous and popular with the board of directors just because he had cleaned up the Han Groups messes.

This time, she had set all her machinations in motion to deal with Han Wanling, just in order to lure Han Yaotian into her trap.

A man who hadnt yet tasted fame wouldnt understand the pain of ruin.

The higher you climb, the more painful it feels when you fall.

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