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Chapter 246: Indeed Afraid That You Would Try to Take Advantage of Me

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After the end of the school day, Yun Xi deliberately stayed behind to do some homework in the classroom.

She was stalling in order to wait until the last bus came.

It was getting dark, and, as well as her, there was an unexpected passenger on the bus.

Upon seeing Feng Yang on the bus, Yun Xi sat down on the seat next to him.

The streetlights on both sides of the bus lit up as it got dark, and suddenly the bustling city of Jingdu was surrounded by a yellow halo.

I heard that the eldest daughter of the Han family caused trouble at your school.

His deep, mellow voice echoed around the bus and seemed to jump into Yun Xi\'s eardrums.

Yun Xi chuckled softly.

Wearing a long beige cardigan sweater and a yellow vintage dress, she sat quietly, looking innocent.

Holding a few books, her pretty face looked serene and gentle.

Behind them through the glass windows of the bus, the neon lights sparkled and illuminated the night.

Her clear eyes reflected the streetlights outside the bus\'s windows and seemed to flash like stars.

Feng Yang felt overwhelmed for a moment.

One could see from his eyes that he had been dazzled by Yun Xi.

Since you have heard about this incident, you should also know that she didn\'t manage to take advantage of me.

Feng Yang nodded, and his cold handsome face showed rare tenderness.

Want to get revenge on her

Yun Xi shook her head.

I just want to live my life quietly.

I am about to take the college entrance examination, and I am very busy.

But if anyone is imprudent enough to come to pick a fight with me, I will have no choice but to return the favor.

After Han Wanling caused such a scandal and offended Young Marshal Mu, the Han family can be said to be down on its luck.

That\'s their business.

It doesn\'t matter to me.

Old habits die hard.

Han Wanling won\'t let you off the hook so easily.

I know.

But it doesn\'t matter, since I\'m ready to deal with her at any time.

If you need help, you can always come to see me.

Yun Xi smiled and simply said, Thank you.

She didn\'t want to get involved with him too much.

Since Feng\'s family lived in the same villa complex as she did, if her mother found out about it, she would definitely pounce on this as another opportunity for her to get favors once again.

Liang Xiuqin was a thick-skinned opportunist from the countryside.

However, just because her family were shameless users of people didn\'t mean that she was.

As soon as the bus arrived at the bus stop at the entrance to the villa complex, Yun Xi stood up and quickly got off.

Feng Yang couldn\'t help but chuckle as he gazed at the figure escaping into the night.

Was he that scary She\'d escaped from him in such a desperate way.


Today was the day when Liang Xinyi was going to be released on bail.

As soon as Yun Xi stepped into the living room, she saw her mother sitting in the living room with Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling.

This scene gave her a sense of deja vu, and it was obvious that she was about to be interrogated.

Her father was busy entertaining people for business today, and because he wasn\'t home her mother was able to act completely brazenly.

Wretched girl, you stop right there!

As soon as Yun Xi came in and was about to go upstairs, Liang Xiuqin yelled at her.

Standing by the stairs, Yun Xi glanced at the no-do-gooder, Liang Xinyi, who seemed somewhat out of it after having been detained for seven days, and she smiled airily.

My cousin is back! Have you read the notice of expulsion from the principal Our homeroom teacher said that you should move your things out of your desk by yourself, so I didn\'t dare help out.

Upon the mention of her expulsion, Liang Xinyi\'s face immediately turned pale, and her whole body started to tremble uncontrollably.

Wishing to swallow Yun Xi alive, she clenched her fists and glared at Yun Xi with gritted teeth.

Wretched girl, just you wait.

I will get even with you.

I\'m here, and I can\'t run! Whatever tricks you have, I will always be waiting.

Liang Xiuqin came over and started to ask her questions.

Wretched girl, you be honest with me.

Did you offend Miss Han because of something to do with Young Marshal Mu

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and glanced at Liang Xinyi.

It seemed that having been detained for seven days had made Liang Xinyi more perceptive.

Yes! I saved Young Marshal Mu, but what\'s wrong with that

Then why didn\'t you tell me about it Were you afraid that I would take advantage of you Why are you so calculating It\'s a big deal that you saved Young Marshal Mu.

How could you be so selfish as to keep that to yourself

I was indeed afraid that you would try to take advantage of me.

And, yes, that is why I didn\'t tell you anything about it.

You\'re too opportunistic.

I was afraid that you would run to Young Marshal Mu and ask him to repay this lifesaving favor.

And that would definitely scare him off.

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