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Chapter 249: Climbed through the Window in the Middle of the Night Just to Verify This

He quickly stretched out his hand and pinched her soft pink earlobe.

Yun Xi immediately turned her head and stared at him with displeasure like a cat.

She felt like a cat that had had its tail stepped on.

She wanted to stand up and express her dismay, but, to Mu Feichi, even her infuriated glare appeared completely charming.

What would he do with an enraged cat Tame it!

Mu Feichi smiled and let go of her earlobe.

However, his broad palm remained, resting casually on her furious face.

“Little rascal, you havent seen me for such a long time.

Did you miss me”

His mellow, magnetic voice sounded especially sultry and out of place in her quiet bedroom.

“Young Marshal Mu has climbed through my window in the middle of the night just to verify this”

When saying this, Yun Xi deliberately glanced at his lower body.

This seemingly frivolous, careless glance appeared extremely provocative to Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi felt helpless against her flirtatiousness.

“Yes! I have come all this way to see you in the middle of the night.

Isnt this a great honor”

“This honor is too much for me to bear.”

Mu Feichi smiled and pulled her hand toward him, opening it.

He then took out a black velvet box from his pocket and pressed it into her palm.

Dumbfounded, Yun Xi looked at him, then back at the black velvet box in her hand.

This looked like jewelry.

“A gift” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

Mu Feichi nodded, a doting expression in his eyes.

Yun Xi lowered her head and opened the black velvet box.

There was a feather-shaped brooch inside.

Each feather of the brooch was inlaid with blue turquoise gemstones in a sloping pattern.

There was a blue drop-shaped gem in the middle of the brooch.

With a uniquely fluorescent effect, the gem appeared to be shimmering, transparent, and dazzling.

Shed originally thought it was a sapphire, but, after looking more closely, she realized that it wasnt.

It turned out to be an authentic tourmaline produced by m.!

Among all the varieties of tourmaline, the blue Paraiba tourmaline was the most precious.

Paraiba tourmalines, which were authenticated and produced by m., had been valued at no less than ,000 per carat ever since the early 1990s.

In particular, this extremely rare blue variety had a very vivid, luminous, and unique color.

It was especially breathtaking.

It was the most expensive variety of the tourmaline series and was very hard to come by.

In her last life, gems, painting, and calligraphy appreciation were compulsory courses for socialites.

In order to train his future granddaughter-in-law for her society debut, old man Jiang had spent a ton of money to train her.

Hed made her go to the prestigious debutante etiquette camp in Jingdu.

There, she had learned all about jewelry appreciation, and she did the most thorough research on tourmalines in particular.

She wasnt very interested in diamonds, which were idealized as eternal stones.

Only the colorful tourmalines piqued her interest.

This brooch in her hand was especially delicate and unique in design.

This drop shape alone was probably no less than five carats.

It must have been exorbitantly expensive.

She didnt dare to estimate the price of this extravagant brooch.

Young Marshal Mu was truly astonishingly lavish in the gifts he bestowed.

After closing the box, she pushed it back into his hand.

“This is way too expensive a gift.

I cant take it.”

She still owed him a favor for his previous favor.

Mu Feichi had been staring at her this entire time, and her behavior confirmed his suspicions.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and gazed at her with an airy smile.

“You know how to appreciate gems”

Other women would have seen this gem in a different light.

There was appreciation, awe, amazement, and astonishment in her eyes.

“No, I dont know about gems.” Yun Xi turned her head away as she lied.

“Since you dont know about them, why cant you just treat it like any ordinary brooch How do you know how expensive it was”

Mu Feichi put the box down on her bedside table.

“Besides, I never take back gifts I have already given.”

Yun Xi seemed as if she wanted to say something else, but Mu Feichi cut her off immediately.

“No more discussion will be allowed.

That will be it!”

With that said, he turned, lifted the quilt on her bed, and lay down on it directly.

Yun Xi watched him lie down next to her.

With a shiver, she felt completely dumbstruck.

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