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Chapter 252: Why Was She So Interested in the Han Family

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Upon hearing all this, Li Zilans eyes flew open.

Frowning, she turned to look at the man in the back seat.

“From your smug tone, are you insinuating that this has all been orchestrated by that little fox”

Upon seeing Mu Feichi nod, Li Zilan couldnt help but laugh.

How unexpected!

“I definitely didnt expect that girl to have such tricks up her sleeve.

I like her ruthless way of doing things!”

“This was all just a ruse.

She settled things with Han Wanling so ruthlessly as if she hadnt considered the consequences.

This isnt like her at all.”

“What do you mean You didnt want her to retaliate If Han Wanling had dared to conspire against me, I wouldnt have been merciful either.”

“You dont know her.

She is a very cautious person.

She has just returned from the countryside and hasnt yet established herself at home, so she wouldnt act rashly.

Moreover, Yun Yuanfeng is at a critical stage of his promotion, so she wouldnt randomly stir up trouble.

She must have had another purpose for being so ruthless, otherwise she wouldnt have put herself in such a risky place.

She couldve settled accounts with Han Wanling early on when shed just started to lay out her scheme.

Instead, she waited for Han Wanling to come to her, then sent her to the police station and called over the paparazzi to make certain to cause the maximum scene.”

When Mu Feichi had heard the news about this abroad, hed tried to figure out the entanglements behind the story, but he couldnt fathom it at all.

That was, until hed hacked into her computer and seen what shed leaked to the media and what shed been reading about of the Han familys confidential information.

In the database that hed given her, only the information about the Han family had been accessed and read more than 20 times, the highest among all the other families.

Hed realized then that she was very interested in the Han family.

As for why she was interested, he didnt know, but today when hed seen the new information about Han Yaotian, hed started to understand a little.

She was making arrangements to lure Han Yaotian as a part of her scheme.

Mu Feichi had been caught off guard.

How did this little rascal know Han Yaotian, and what did she want to do by getting the board of directors to promote Han Yaotian

Control him like Chen Yichen was doing, or destroy him

If he were in control, he could secretly help her.

But if she was planning on destroying and disrupting Jingdus balance of power, then he had to think of another way and be the fall guy for her.

Li Zilan pondered over it for a moment and quickly understood the meaning of his words.

“No wonder you gave an order to not allow any high-level executives to lay hands on the Yun family.

You were worried that the Han family would act on the Yun family, so you acted first.

Perhaps you suspected that she had ulterior motives early on”

Mu Feichis face was grave and his thin lips were slightly pursed, as if he was lost in thought.

Li Zilan didnt dare speak, but no matter how she racked her brains she couldnt fathom what the girl wanted to do.

“Hey, stop brooding and spill the beans on what she wants to do!”

Mu Feichi glanced at Li Zilan, then turned his head away to conceal the brooding look in his eyes.

“Her purpose is similar to that of Chen Yichen.

She and the Han family seem to have some history that I dont know about.”

“Thats impossible! Didnt you find out all possible information about her She just returned from the countryside, so how could she be involved with the Han family And, besides the brainless Han Wanling, who could have wanted revenge for ruining her plans, who could she have offended”

“Stop asking questions,” Mu Feichi interrupted her in a deep voice.

The uncontrollable unknown made him feel irritated.

He wasnt worried about the girl stirring up trouble, but he was worried that she might use herself as bait to achieve her goals.

“Then…what are you going to do about this Sit and watch them fight, or let someone handle it”

Li Zilan glanced at the man in the back seat.

Wherever that little fox was involved, Young Marshal Mu seemed to lose his good senses.

Mu Feichi turned his head away to gaze at the misty mountains in the distance.

Then he said coldly, “Chen Yichen wont allow them to do whatever they want.

We have to be the ones who control the outcome.”

After getting this reply, Li Zilan nodded and did not ask any more questions.

Stability was all that mattered in terms of Jingdus power dynamic, and the bigger picture mattered more than any trifling scandals.

Besides, that girl was still so young, so it was impossible that she would do anything that could make Young Marshal Mu lose all his sense of reason.

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