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Chapter 253: The Young Marshal Conspires with Great White

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When Yun Xi woke up, Mu Feichi was no longer there.

He had probably already returned to the Mu Mansion.

As she sat up, she glanced at the velvet box on her bedside table.

Such a valuable thing now belonged to her.

It felt like a hot potato.

She sighed, then got up, and put the box into the safe under the bed.

After doing her morning routines, she went out for a morning jog, carrying the bag of cash.

As soon as she got to the sentry post, Mu Feichis car drove over, slowed down, and stopped in front of her.

After sleeping in the same bed, even though they had remained in their own areas, Yun Xi couldnt help but feel a little awkward when she saw Mu Feichi again.

Lowering the car window, Mu Feichi glanced at the bag in her hand and then put one hand on the car window and the other on the steering wheel as he watched her silently.

Yun Xi coughed awkwardly.

“Did Young Marshal Mu sleep well last night”

“With the gentle nymph in my arms, do you think I slept well”

“…” She really had no idea how to answer this.

The vibe was awkward.

Yun Xi blushed and then quickly handed over the cash she had brought and changed the subject.

“Young Marshal Mu, this is the surgery fee for Xiang Yuanjius mother.

Thank you so much for your help with that situation.

Thank you also for the photo that Qi Yuan gave me.”

“Why do you have to pay for his mothers medical expenses”

Mu Feichi frowned slightly.

He didnt like what hed heard about this.

“I promised him I would help, and he also helped me deal with Han Wanling.

This was the condition.

I only needed to borrow the money.”

“Hes my subordinate now, so if he wants, he can return the money to me directly.

Why are you getting involved”


“No buts.” Mu Feichi interrupted her.

“Okay!” After a pause, she suddenly remembered what she had come here for and raised her head with a smile.

“By the way, thank you for helping me with this.

To show my gratitude, shall I treat you to a meal”

“How rare of you to have a conscience.

Its truly out of the ordinary.” Mu Feichi chuckled and opened the car door.

“Get in the car.”

“Huh Where are we going”

“Didnt you just offer to treat me to a meal”

“Oh, good!” She hadnt expected him to agree so readily, and she got in the car with a baffled expression.

But the car didnt drive down, but rather back up the mountain.

Yun Xi was caught off guard and turned to look at the man in the drivers seat.

“Didnt you say we were going out to eat”

“I already had breakfast early this morning, so why would you want me to eat again”


After arriving at the Mu Mansion, Yun Xi got out of the car, and the butler greeted her.

“Tell the kitchen to prepare breakfast for her.”

“Yes, sir!” the butler answered and then turned to invite Yun Xi in.

Just as Yun Xi was about to go in, she glimpsed the snow leopard rushing out of the house, and she gasped.

Trembling with fright, she dodged it and hid behind Mu Feichi.

“Mu Feichi, why didnt you tell me it was here”

Tugging on Mu Feichis shirt, Yun Xi nervously glanced at the snow leopard that was approaching them.

D*mn it! If shed known it was here, she wouldnt have come up here no matter what!

“Great White wont do anything to you, so what are you so nervous about It doesnt care about you!”

Mu Feichi dragged out the little fox who was hiding behind him.

Great White stopped in front of the two of them, and when it saw Yun Xi coming out from behind Mu Feichi, it lunged into Yun Xis arms.

Yun Xi lost all her sense of reason and threw herself into Mu Feichis arms as she yelled, “Ahhhhhh… Get it away from me! Hurry up!”

She was really worried that it would accidentally bite her neck!

Who kept a snow leopard as a pet Why cant he just keep a cat

With her in his arms, Mu Feichis expression was that of enjoyment over getting what he wanted.

The housekeeper watched his master overbearingly conspire with the pet to harass the girl.

However, he hadnt seen Young Marshal Mu this happy for many years, so he pretended like he didnt see… Hee, hee, hee~

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