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Chapter 256: His Little Woman Washed Her Hands to Stew Soup for Him

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Although Mu Feichi had invited her to dinner, what “inviting” meant to Young Marshal Mu was different from what “inviting” meant to Yun Xi.

At noon, the butler ordered a cart full of fresh vegetables and meat to the mountain and gave Mu Feichis private chef a day off so Yun Xi could make dinner herself.

Looking at the cart full of vegetables and meat, Yun Xi was somewhat dumbfounded.

“How can we possibly finish this much food”

The housekeeper smiled.

“Miss Yun, just pick a few things that Young Marshal Mu likes to eat, and you can make them.

The rest of the dishes and meat will be delivered to the kitchen in the camp and left for the soldiers on the mountains.”

“So thats how it goes.” Yun Xi stared at the vegetables in the cart that had just been pulled out of the fields.

They had probably been planted nearby.

They were all truly organic and free of pesticides.

“But I dont know what Young Marshal Mu likes to eat.”

There wouldnt have been so much trouble if she had simply been able to take him out for a meal.

Young Marshal Mu had replied with a single sentence: “Using money to return favors isnt sincere at all.”

Okay, okay.

So what if she herself had to cook.

It wasnt as if she couldnt cook, so this was no big challenge.

She picked out a few ingredients for dishes that Mu Feichi liked to eat.

The kitchen in the Mu Mansion was very big, and, after Great White got tired of playing, he lay down and slept at the kitchen door with his eyes closed.

From time to time, he raised his head to look at her, as if he was supervising the cookings progress for his owner.

And his owner, with three monitoring screens in front of him, was in the study upstairs at the moment, checking stock market information and the latest news from various places.

Mu Feichi was the youngest heir of the Mu family who had inherited power in the past century, but he was also the most capable and outstanding one.

After hed taken over the Mu Group, his position in Jingdu had become even more unshakable.

The little rascal was preparing lunch downstairs, so he had no desire to leave at this time.

On the middle monitor screen, Qi Yuans head popped up, and he asked, “Young Marshal Mu, Mr.

Ye from the Ye Group wants to invite you to his manor for a banquet.

Director Ye is the Xinghai Projects materials supplier.

Would you like to attend”

“No, no, this is a collaborative project between the two major clans, the Chen family and the Han family.

If they arent driven to the edge, they wont fight to survive.”

Mu Feichi turned his head to look at the monitoring screen on the left, then flipped through some files hed had in his hands.

“Take the time to sort out a few small projects for that girl to practice on.”

Qi Yuan was stunned, then asked with some difficulty, “What do you mean by small projects That girl isnt incapable, and Im afraid she wont learn anything useful from small projects.”

“Go to Gu Baifan.

Hell know what to do.”


Since she had just entered the business world, he actually wanted her to become involved with the Xinghai Project.

With this thought, he got up to leave the study.

The housekeeper was worried about Yun Xi.

Hed waited in the dining room outside the kitchen so he could keep an eye on her.

When he saw Mu Feichi coming down, he took the vases to go change the water.

The kitchen was an open kitchen with a small bar and a full wall of wine cabinets, with only one carved screen separating them.

Mu Feichi sat sideways at the small bar, propping his chin on his hand as he silently stared at the busy figure in the kitchen.

He didnt know where the housekeeper had found a pink cartoon apron, which looked hilarious on her.

Her petite figure stood in front of the table as she washed vegetables and cut meat to prepare for the seasoning.

She did everything methodically without any hastiness.

Nowadays, there werent many heiresses in Jingdu who could still cook.

Although shed grown up in the countryside, she was particular about the food she ate and wasnt negligent about food.

Seeing her treating cooking so seriously, he felt a sense of soothing tranquility.

His mother had died when he was very young, and there were aunties living in the Mu familys old mansion that cooked for him, but hed rarely seen women cook with his own eyes.

His little woman washed her hands to stew soup for him, and this easily stirred the softest part of his heart.

The cupboard was high, and he gazed at the little figure who couldnt reach the dishes even on her tiptoes, and his thin lips curled up in a soft smile.

Stepping forward, he pressed against her back and took down the dishes for her.

Upon being approached so stealthily from behind, Yun Xi was caught off guard!

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