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Chapter 258: A True Gentleman Keeps Silent While Watching a Game of Chess

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When they got to the large study, Yun Xi sat down in Mu Feichis executive chair and stared at the three monitors in front of her.

On the left and right sides of the monitors were stock market information and the latest project-bidding parameters, respectively.

In the middle were chat boxes with Qi Yuan and Feng Rui and other data reports that she couldnt understand.

Mu Feichi just stood to the side and didnt speak.

Yun Xi glanced at him, but he simply motioned for her to see for herself.

Yun Xi watched for a while and finally saw the problem.

“The bidding amount for this project is a bit on the high side.

Although I havent done any research, it seems the amount is too high for these two companies.

Its easy to make mistakes in project estimates, and this project is definitely very tempting.

However, if there are loopholes, it would be easy for it to be manipulated, and there would be a lot of people making money out of it.

It also wouldnt be surprising if the suppliers ended up cutting corners.”

Her voice could be heard on the microphone, so Feng Rui and Qi Yuan heard the same comments as Young Marshal Mu had on the other end.

They were both completely surprised so they turned on the camera.

Sure enough, as soon as they opened their cameras, they saw Yun Xi sitting there.

When Feng Rui saw Yun Xi, he couldnt help but say teasingly, “Little Yun Xi, why are you in Young Marshal Mus study”

Did Young Marshal Mu open a video conference today because this girl felt that time was running out for her

This would truly be juicy gossip!

Qi Yuan didnt have any time to think about that kind of nonsense and got straight to the point.

“The bidding is about to start soon.

Do you have any suggestions, girl”

Yun Xi stared at the two people on the screen and asked in a bewildered

way, “What advice do you need Bidding parameters are dead, while people are alive.

The Mu Group will not participate in this bidding anyway, so this time the bidding will be done by the Chen Group and the Han Group.

The outcome will depend on which company is more greedy.”

Based on her understanding of Chen Yichen and Han Yaotian, Chen Yichen would not be interested in anything with the potential to make such a small amount of money, but Han Yaotian, who had just taken the position of vice president, needed to do something to prove his merit, so he would definitely fight for this opportunity.

“An ancient sage once said that the golden middle way is the desirable middle…”

Before Qi Yuan even finished speaking, Feng Rui said, “What golden middle way, you either win or you lose.

Didnt Boss already say that he isnt interested in the Chen Group and Han Groups project”

Upon seeing them argue with each other, Yun Xi laughed teasingly.

“Have you guys ever played chess against each other”

Feng Rui answered mirthfully, “Chess Ive played chess with Boss before, but Ive never won…”

“A true gentleman keeps silent while watching a game of chess.”

As an outsider, she had to be aware of her strengths and weaknesses if she wanted to be the one playing chess.

When you play chess, the black piece represents yourself and the white piece represents the enemy.

If the enemy wants to attack his own weakness, he must know what his own weakness is.

Feng Rui was taken aback.

“If we do nothing, the Han Group will become the biggest beneficiary of this project.”

Yun Xi tugged at the corners of her mouth mischievously.

“Han Yaotian wants to gain a foothold on the board of directors, so he must win this project.”

Qi Yuan knew that she must have another trick up her sleeve and asked patiently, “Please advise us.”

“I have nothing to advise you about.

The success of this project depends on who Young Marshal Mu wants to profit from it.”

“What do you mean” Feng Rui looked astonished.

Yun Xi smiled and turned to look at the man beside her.

“Who do you want to profit”

“As you please.”

Mu Feichi gazed at her with amazement in his shining eyes.

His thin lips were raised in a small smile, and it was difficult to hide his good mood at the moment.

Sure enough, this little rascal he was fond of was truly extraordinary!

She hadnt gone through the hardships of the business world, and she didnt have much experience in this area, but she could handle this cutthroat industry with ease.

The comments shed just made seemed unremarkable, but he could already tell that she was wise, mentally mature, and rational.

At this moment, in his eyes, this little rascal in front of him was like a flower in blossom, brilliantly and vividly unfurling under the sun.

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