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Chapter 259: I Will Be Enough for You

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In the end, Yun Xi made a suggestion.

This time, allow the Su Group to join the project and get a share of the pie.

Her purpose was nothing else besides the fact that she wanted the Su family to stand on the side of the three major clans and become their ally.

And this answer happened to be the same one that Mu Feichi had proposed earlier in the morning.

Upon hearing her say this, Feng Rui was stunned, and it took him a long time to snap back to reality.

At the end of the video conference, he finally snapped back to reality with a look of admiration on his face.

“Little Yun Xi, you are truly mind-blowing…”

Before hed finished speaking, Mu Feichi turned off the camera and directly cut off Feng Ruis display of awe and admiration for her.

The study suddenly became quiet.

Upon seeing the darkened screen, Yun Xi looked up at the man sitting facing her.

At this moment, she suddenly thought when can she not look up at this man in front of her

Just now, she had carefully calculated and planned what she was going to say, but he hadnt said a word.

When shed finally made the decision and asked him who he had wanted to win, hed only answered her with a few simple words.

As you please.

This was his answer.

In fact, when shed heard these words, she had already guessed that his personal decision wouldnt have been much different from hers.

In fact, his was perhaps even better than hers.

He was such an outstanding, powerful person, and there were many things that she could learn from him.

The only thing bothering her was that their current ambiguous relationship was really hard for her to explain to herself.

“Young Marshal Mu, were there any loopholes in my strategy Could you please advise me.”

“Youve done a really good job.

The ability to see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides is especially rare at your age.”

“Really” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

She didnt feel much sense of accomplishment, especially in front of this man.

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly, then raised his hand to pat her head, and asked her with a half-hearted smile, “Do you want to be a strong woman in the business world”

Yun Xi was caught off guard, and for a while her clear eyes stared at him without even blinking before she spoke.

“What Boss Zilan has taught me is not suitable for business purposes.”

Raising her eyes slightly, she leaned back in her chair and gazed at the man in front of her, gazed at him in a way where she didnt need to physically look up at him.

“Why didnt you ask me if I wanted to become an elite”

Regarding her question, Mu Feichi shook his head without even thinking about it deeply.

“I dont want you to become too strong, nor do I want you to be too weak.”

“If I am strong enough, then I can protect the people I want to protect, so why not”

“I will be enough to protect you.”

No man would want to see his woman walking in a thunderstorm.

He was afraid that she would break her wings.

His little rascal was so sublime, so full of potential.

She had a long way to go in the future, and she could do many things.

How could he be willing to let her go through extreme hardships

It was the responsibility of men to be protectors, and all women needed to do was to stay at home.

“Since you dont want to, then why did you let Boss Zilan teach me those skills”

“Even if you leaned against a hill, it might collapse, so relying on yourself is always the most reliable option.

Learn this, so you can protect yourself.”

He was the head of the Mu family, so the higher he stood, the greater the risk.

If she wanted to stand by his side, she must have the ability to protect herself.

Supposing something terrible happened to him in the future, at least she would still be able to survive.

“Then why are you willing to teach me You have already repaid me for saving your life.

Young Marshal Mu, you dont owe me anything.”

She had thought about this question for a long time, but she still didnt understand why he was willing to teach her all this.

If he said it was because he liked her, she would really burst out laughing.

She was still very young, and he was the noble and distinguished Young Marshal Mu, so there were no shortage of women throwing themselves at him.

How could he fall in love with an immature little kid like her

Mu Feichi smiled and patted the place beside him.

“I will wait for you to be capable enough to vie for this position next to me.”

“…” Yun Xi gazed at his big, slender hand.

She had naturally understood what his hand gesture meant.

That was the position of Madame Mu…

“Young Marshal Mu, Im still just a child.”

“I can afford to wait for you.”


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