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Chapter 261: Why Would He Allow Other People to Stare at Her

Mu Feichi did not ask Yun Xi why she was interested in the Han family, nor did he ask her what she wanted to do with all the information hed given her.

Before the banquet, Ling Jing brought a dress over for Yun Xi.

He came over in person mainly because he wanted to see the dress hed designed for her on her so he could appreciate it.

After changing into the dress and coming out in her flat shoes, she stared at the two men on the opposite side of the room with a faraway expression on her face.

Mu Feichi cocked his head, and his eyes examined her aqua-green minidress.

The wrap dress was in vintage style with a stand-up collar, and it hugged her slim waist snugly.

Exquisite embroidered leaves hung around the skirt of the wrap dress.

The sleeveless design accentuated her slender arms, and her shapely legs were exposed below the hem.

The main charm of the dress was in its chest area.

A V-neck extended from the neck to the chest, and it was buttoned with a vintage-style pankou.

The girl had a great figure that was curvy in all the right places.

It was a conservative vintage-style dress that also oozed sexiness and temptation.

It was utterly breathtaking.

Mu Feichi glanced at the dress coldly, and his handsome face immediately darkened.

With such a youthful, fresh girl standing among the crowd of heavily made-up women, he could already imagine how many men would be staring at her.

“After working on a dress for such a long time, this is the one you chose How can you think such a revealing dress suits her”

Mu Feichi glanced across at Ling Jing coldly, and his icy glare nearly made Ling Jing fall to the ground.

“Master, Ive personally tailored this for her.

How is it too revealing”

Ling Jing snorted and stood up, took out an embroidered cardigan and a pair of shoes from the box hed brought with him, and put them on Yun Xi.

After shed put on the cardigan, Mu Feichis face became normal again.

“Its cold, so you take this and these shoes as well.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but smile.

“You dont really plan on selling me, do you”

“You must be kidding! The young master would sell me first before he would ever be willing to sell you off.

There will be a lot of people at this banquet tonight, so dont you dare bring the young master shame.”

Yun Xi nodded and glanced at Mu Feichi, who had stood up and walked up to her.

He reached out and buttoned the jade buttons on the cardigan for her one by one.

“…” Yun Xi held back a smile and stared at Ling Jing, who had a bewildered look on his face.

He had probably never seen Mu Feichi act so domineering.

She would probably be the only one at the banquet wearing so much clothing.

“Master, I have to say that I have been around thousands of females, why are you so guarded against me”

His behavior had hurt Ling Jing a lot.

Mu Feichi cocked his head slightly and shot him a look.

Ling Jings mouth clamped shut obediently.

If even he hasnt seen enough of his own woman, why would he allow other people to freely stare at her

“Wait for me, and Ill go change my clothes.”

After hed finished fastening her buttons, Mu Feichi went upstairs with a sulky face.

Yun Xi sighed lightly, looked down at her tightly covered body, and felt somewhat amused.

After a while, Mu Feichi came downstairs after changing into his suit.

He was wearing a low-key, yet fashionable, custom-made black suit without a tie.

His casual style made him appear refined and elegant.

Needless to say, this sort of bespoke attire made him appear self-assured.

He also gave off a sense of an innate authoritative vibe that didnt come across as domineering, but rather gave a levelheaded, trustworthy impression.

It wasnt the first time that shed seen him wearing a suit, but, compared to other colors, when he wore black it suited him to a T.

This man was truly Gods darling!

It seemed as if God had bestowed upon him all the best things in the world.

Yun Xi knew that if she entered this venue together with him, she would become famous in Jingdu by tomorrow.

She didnt want to become so high-profile, and she realized that she was going to have to find a way to slip away from him when she entered the venue.

Ling Jing glanced at Mu Feichis outfit critically and teased loudly, “How rare for you to wear a black suit.”

“In a place full of cutthroat competition, isnt this color the most suitable”

“…” Ling Jing touched his nose, embarrassed.

He had no answer.

“Lets go!” Mu Feichi reached out his hand to take Yun Xis hand and led her out of the living room.

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