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Chapter 263: She Was Afraid She Would Succumb to the Urge to Kill Him if She Got Too Close

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Among the guests hed invited, there wasnt anyone of her age, so she must have been brought here by her parents.

Han Yaotian sped up and stopped in front of her.

He didnt want to intimidate her, so he simply smiled and asked, “Whose daughter are you”

After he found out which family she was from, he could pay more attention to them during the banquet.

Yun Xi raised her eyes and gazed at this lustful man who was trying to use his charm to seduce a young girl, and she sneered to herself.

Compared to men like Mu Feichi or Chen Yichen, Han Yaotians appearance could only be regarded as ordinary.

Mu Feichi was authoritative and vigorous, much more handsome than Han Yaotian, as well as much more capable in every way.

A man like Mu Feichi definitely had the means to make women go crazy for him.

And Chen Yichen…

As well as his handsome appearance, there was a world of difference between Chen Yichen and Han Yaotian in terms of their cultivation and manners.

Where in the world did Han Yaotian get enough confidence to believe that a young girl would be charmed by him

Of course, that wasnt quite right either, because in her last life she had been the idiot who had been charmed by his gentleness.

However, now in this life, after she had met high-quality elite men like Mu Feichi and Chen Yichen, she really could no longer stomach a mediocre man like him.


Han, is this your way of showing hospitality”

Stepping back, Yun Xi kept a safe distance from him, because she was afraid she would succumb to the urge to kill him if she got too close.

No one could imagine how she was restraining herself at this moment.

After hearing her answer, Han Yaotian felt a little bit stunned.

Realizing that he had been too intrusive, he chuckled awkwardly as he apologized.

“Im sorry, I was being too intrusive.

I just wanted to know whose daughter you are.

None of the guests I invited were of your age.”

Hed only invited his business partners on this collaboration project, as well as some investors and heads of companies interested in collaborating with them.

For such a banquet, guests either brought their daughters, female secretaries, mistresses, or beautiful female companions.

He was surprised that such a unique girl would appear here.

He felt like a hunter who had encountered a rare prey.

How could he possibly give up such a good opportunity

“The person who wants to work with you isnt me.


Han, do you have some ulterior motive for trying to flirt with me”

“…” Having his inner thoughts exposed so directly, Han Yaotian was dumbfounded and didnt know how to react.

It was the first time hed ever met a young girl who could render him so speechless.

The young girls dignified temperament and self-assurance made it impossible for him to associate her with those arrogant and brainless heiresses.

Too bored to talk nonsense with him any further, Yun Xi turned and walked toward the banquet hall.

Unwilling to give up so easily, Han Yaotian followed her.

Yun Xi handed over the invitation and stepped into the banquet hall.

Then she glanced around at all the guests.

Because of her late arrival, the originally noisy banquet hall suddenly quieted down.

They sized her up, judged her, then started to admire her…

The men appeared mesmerized, and, when the women saw her dress, they all regarded her with eyes full of envy, desire, and resentment.

She was wearing one of Ling Jings designs.

Any woman with even a little bit of taste would be able to tell that right away.

Among the crowd, Chen Yichen was talking to a group of investors standing around him.

When the banquet hall became quiet, he turned his head.

When he unexpectedly saw Yun Xi appear here, he couldnt believe his eyes.

Glancing at her, he was astonished by her sublime appearance.

She looked like a piece of uncut jade.

The dazzling light emitted after polishing the stone would definitely blind everyones eyes.

Putting aside his glass of wine, he walked quickly through the crowd toward her.

Mu Feichi stood by the window, and, with cold eyes, he gazed at the girl who had astonished the crowd as soon as shed entered the scene.

There was someone tailing behind her, Han Yaotian.

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