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Chapter 265: Three Major Clans

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After finally getting rid of Han Yaotian, Yun Xi quietly extricated herself from Chen Yichens grasp and glanced at all the guests who were standing around her.

Some of them had been her business partners in her previous life.

Although now they appeared much younger than they had previously, their appearances hadnt changed that much.

In the business world, those who were really able to make a lot of money had a unique vision and didnt miss any opportunities.

Yun Xi glanced quickly at Mu Feichi, who appeared unapproachable.

Very few people dared to approach him.

This group of investors and bosses of companies could only gaze at him from a distance.

They didnt dare to step forward and bother him.

However, to her surprise, at this time there were two men standing beside Mu Feichi.

After taking a closer look, she couldnt help but tighten her grip on her wine glass.

It seemed as if she hadnt come here today for nothing.

Chen Yichen had been able to gather Jingdus Three Elites together in one room.

It seemed as if he was truly influential.

No wonder there were so many wealthy heiresses present today! They hadnt come just for the drinks.

As well as the elusive, low-profile ultimate golden bachelor, Mu Feichi, the appearance of the other two major clans heirs was enough to make all these women go crazy.

What was more, this banquet had been organized by Han Yaotian and Chen Yichen, Jingdus eldest heir.

This banquet was basically a grand gathering of the upper class.

As her eyes circled the room, many of these wealthy heiresses eyes were shooting daggers at her.

“How did Han Yaotian offend you” Chen Yichen suddenly asked.

Yun Xi turned her head slowly and put a helpless look on her face.

“He was behaving frivolously.

I just had a feeling that he wasnt a good person.”

“If you dont like him, stay away from him.

Besides, Im the one who is partnering with him.

You dont have to deal with him.”

Chen Yichen paused and continued, “If you wanted to seize an opportunity to exact revenge on Han Wanling, I could help you.”

Yun Xi narrowed her eyes slightly.

Suppressing the coldness that was resting deep within her eyes, she tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“No, Han Wanling is Han Wanling, while he is him.”

Only she was able to understand the grudge between her and Han Yaotian.

People who had never been murdered could not understand how much hate she felt at this moment or how much self-restraint she was demonstrating.

She turned to him and said, “Go greet your guests.

I am going to go and find something to eat.”

“Okay, but dont drink any more alcohol.

Champagne has a relatively high alcohol content.

Ill get someone to pour you some juice.”

Yun Xi nodded and turned and walked to one of the self-service counters.

All the guests had arrived and were standing around toasting and networking and trying to make deals with mutual benefits.

Yun Xi wasnt interested in any of this, so she sat down quietly on a sofa.

She gazed at Han Yaotian and Chen Yichen walking among the various investors and corporate bosses.

At this age, Han Yaotian was already rather slick.

Coupled with his decent looks, he had a greater advantage than that idiot Han Wanling.

So as soon as Han Wanling had received the blow of getting arrested, Han Yaotians father had been anxious to propel him into a powerful position.

In large families, a male heir was much more beneficial than a female heiress.

When a woman marries, the family will have to worry about whether the daughter will be obedient, and also whether the new son-in-laws family can be controlled.

With males, it was different.

The benefits a wifes family brought were usually far greater than those of a business partner.

Yun Xi was lost in her thoughts when several figures stopped in front of her, blocking her view.

The area where she had been sitting was in a remote corner and there was a large potted plant blocking the view of the corner, so no one had been paying any attention to this area.

The woman in the middle of the group, holding a glass of red wine in her hand, looked down at Yun Xi with condescension and arrogance in her attractive eyes.

“I know you.

Arent you the woman from the Yun family who stole something at Madame Chens auction You must really be shameless for daring to appear in society after such a humiliation.”

Yun Xi leaned back against the sofa aloofly, raising her eyes that were full of hostility.

From her attitude, it was evident that she didnt seem to be taking them seriously.

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