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Chapter 268: Prey Breaking into a Hunting Ground

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For the banquet this evening, Lin Peiqi had specially chosen a gown with a V-neck that accentuated her spectacular breasts, which had just undergone surgery.

At this moment…half of her chest was covered by a wine glass.

It was so embarrassing.

Moreover, this little b*tch was very strong, and Lin Peiqi was worried that if she moved too much, the silicone that had just been implanted could be squeezed out.

Gritting her teeth, Lin Peiqi tried hard to get up, but simply fell back weakly.

Beside the window, Jiang Chenghuan was amusedly looking at Lin Peiqi, who had been poked in the chest by a wine glass.

He cast a glance at the mischievous young girl whod been responsible for it and couldnt help but shiver.

“Tsk, tsk, even looking at that scene is painful.

It would be disgusting if the silicone in her chest was squeezed out!”

Jiang Chenghuan added fuel to the flames as he looked at Mu Feichi meaningfully, and then said jokingly, “Turns out your little fox actually has claws.

You might end up with bruises fooling around with her.”

Mu Feichi glared at him coldly, as if to say that he would take her no matter what.

Jiang Chenghuan touched his nose sheepishly and glanced at the corner where the ladies were sitting.

“Would you like to go over and help”

“Didnt you notice how hard shes tried to disassociate herself from me Why would I go over there and stick my nose in”

“…..” Jiang Chenghuan smiled.

Mu Feichi was as proud as it was possible to be.

In the corner, Lin Peiqi gave up and shouted, “Ahhhhh…”

The guests in the banquet room who had been toasting each other all turned their heads angrily when they heard her screams.

Seeing that her goal had been achieved, Lin Peiqi suddenly changed her expression, looking aggrieved and embarrassed, and glared at Yun Xi provocatively.

“Only now have you decided to find yourself a helper,,,” Yun Xi glanced at her contemptuously and sneered a little.

Since she had dared to do what she had done, she wasnt afraid of Lin Peiqi finding a helper or of being watched by the crowd.

Not even afraid…of ruining the party for Chen Yichen and Han Yaotian.

When Chen Yichen saw Yun Xi sitting in the corner, he reflexively pushed aside the crowd and quickly walked over.

Han Yaotian also put down his glass and walked over.

Someone in the crowd reminded Mr.

Kang that the woman he had brought with him was causing trouble, so Mr.

Kang ran over with his beer belly sticking out.

“Yun Xi, what is…whats going on”

Chen Yichen stared at her anxiously.

As he was confirming whether there was something wrong, his eyes fell on the wine glass in her hand that she was holding against Lin Peiqis chest.

When he saw Yun Xis calm expression and Lin Peiqis humiliated expression, the corners of his eyes twitched.

Yun Xi raised her head and shrugged her shoulders lightly.

“As you can see!”

Chen Yichen gazed at her innocent expression with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

How could she appear so innocent after bullying someone to such an extent!

Han Yaotian was also stunned by this girls intimidating vibe.

He had never seen someone bully someone else so mercilessly before.

He gazed at her, who didnt appear to have the slightest fear or panic on her fresh face.

Calm and composed and pure and innocent, she made it seem like it was not she who had done anything wrong, but Lin Peiqi.

Han Yaotian stood to the right.

From his angle, he could see Chen Yichens protective and doting eyes and he found them especially jarring.

Like women, men were innately intuitive.

This beautiful little thing was like a prey breaking into a hunting ground.

At this moment, both he and Chen Yichen smelled the scent of this prey.

When Lin Peiqi saw that her savior, as well as the partys hosts, had arrived, her face got unsightly as she began to cry, “Mr.

Kang, please save me.

This d*mn b*tch is trying to kill me!”


Kang looked at the sorry state Lin Peiqi was in and almost didnt recognize her.

After seeing who was holding her down, President Kang didnt dare vent his anger on Yun Xi, especially since the eldest heir was standing right next to her.

The eldest son had just walked around the room with this girl, so everyone knew that she was one of his people.

If he dared do anything negative to her, he would practically be digging his own grave.

This idiot Lin Peiqi should have found out who she was messing with…

How could they afford to provoke the eldest heir

Lin Peiqi had messed up his plans before the collaboration had even started.

How stupid!

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