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Chapter 270: He Is Open to Pleas, but Not to Threats

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At the elevator, Yun Xi looked at the figures standing in front of her.

Then she coughed and walked forward.

The elevator had just reached their floor.

Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan, who were standing in front, stepped into the elevator first, and Mu Feichi only followed after hearing her footsteps catching up from behind him.

After rushing into the elevator, Yun Xi, with a cautious expression on her face, turned and peeked at the gloomy man beside her.

She was really afraid that he was going to leave her in front of the hotel.

She had no money on her, and it would have been embarrassing to have to go back inside.

Going back and asking Chen Yichen for the taxi fare would be so rude.

Thinking it over, she quietly stretched out her hand and pulled at his sleeve.

She shook it lightly, trying to please him.

The two other people in the elevator, upon seeing her pull at Young Marshal Mus sleeves so coquettishly, unanimously thought of his arrogant pet Great White.

Was Young Marshal Mu keeping this girl as a daughter or as a pet

“Young Marshal Mu, I see your face has dark clouds.

Did I embarrass you”

She hadnt even come in with him.

No one knew that she was his female companion today.

Or…was it because she had been walking around with Chen Yichen and ignoring him

That was very possible.

After all, she had come as his female companion today, not Chen Yichens female companion.

No one would put on a happy face after being robbed of his female companion.

The words “dark clouds” amused Jiang Chenghuan.

He snickered from behind Yun Xi.

Yun Xi turned her head and looked at the two people behind her, and only then did she realize that she had ignored these two great gods.

Both of these young men had grown up with Mu Feichi, so they must understand Mu Feichis temperament very well.

She made an eye gestures at Jiang Chenghuan, who appeared more approachable, and she silently mouthed, “What should I do”

Jiang Chenghuan suppressed his laughter and touched his nose, opened the collar of his shirt and pulled the shirt onto his shoulder.

With his shoulder exposed, he winked at Yun Xi.

Yun Xi shuddered at his wink.

Understanding the meaning of his body gesture, she rolled her eyes at him disdainfully.

Seduce him

Shame on him to actually think of such an idea.

How did such a pervert become acquainted with an iceberg such as Mu Feichi

With pleading eyes, Yun Xi looked at Huo Tingxiao, who appeared cold and unforthcoming.

She had the impression that he was a very strong man.

In her last life, she had seen one of his companys new product launches, and he had made a speech as the CEO.

On the stage, Huo Tingxiao, even in casual attire, had had as strong a presence as all the business people in suits who were there.

He had handsome features, with deep eyes that made him appear unpredictable and mysterious.

He had an overwhelming lone wolf vibe and an aloof aura that made people afraid to look at him for too long.

There were the Four Great Clans in Jingdu, and on top of the Four Great Clans were these three century-old families of gentry.

The Mu family, the Huo family, and the Jiang family…

These distinguished families could be said to control the economic lifeblood of Jingdu.

The Mu family was the most important of the three century-old gentry families.

Mu Feichi, as the new heir of the Mu family, was the youngest, and his every move attracted much attention.

However, he lived a very low-key life and rarely appeared in the media, so the publics attention had shifted to the other two people in power.

Jiang Chenghuan was a playboy, so he was the one who was involved in the most scandals.

Huo Tingxiao was different.

He was truly an enigmatic man.

She didnt know why she had the audacity to turn to him for help.

Just as she was about to give up, Huo Tingxiao raised his hand and touched her head, then quickly withdrew his hand.

Yun Xi raised her head and immediately understood what he meant.

She should behave obediently to please him.

Okay, Mu Feichi was indeed someone who was open to pleas, but not to threats.

Moreover, she had no choice.

If she acted too difficult, he would likely abandon her at the hotel door.

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