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Chapter 274: Go Undercover for Me

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At the Mu Mansion…

The butler was waiting anxiously at the door, holding a glass of warm water in one hand and a bunch of allergy medicine in the other.

When he finally heard the sound of Mu Feichis car, he went outside quickly.

“Young Master,…” Looking worriedly at the rash on his neck, the butler passed the medicine and the water to him.

“…how can you negotiate with people tomorrow”

“Ill be okay.” Mu Feichi swallowed the medicine.

As if hed suddenly thought of something, his handsome face seemed contemplative.

He handed the empty glass back to the butler and said, “Go and rest.”

After going upstairs, Mu Feichi called Jiang Chenghuan right away.

He didnt know whether it was because the person on the other end was preoccupied with philandering, but it took quite a while for him to answer the phone.

“You bury yourself in a womans breast every day, be careful or youll suffer from sexual impotency later on.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chenghuan roared, “D*mn you! Third Bro Mu, can you stop being so sharp-tongued! I havent even produced my heir yet.”

“I want you to take a gift tomorrow and go to the Chen familys house to join the old Madame for dinner.”

“Ah! Why I dont want to go.

Last time, she arranged a blind date for me, and the girl was abnormal.

Not in terms of appearance, but in her mind.

I was almost tortured to death by her.”

The Chen family and the Jiang family were very old family friends, and old Madame Chen had been responsible for bringing his parents together, so the old Madame treated him as if he was her own grandson.

But whenever he thought about that troublesome blind date, he was too afraid to go to the Chens house anymore.

Mu Feichi said icily, “My little fox is also going to go to the Chen familys house tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Realization dawned on Jiang Chenghuan, and he finally understood the purpose of this call.

He asked in a gossipy manner, “Are you afraid that your little fox, who hasnt been fed properly, will be kidnapped by Chen Yichen You want me to be your spy, right”

Thinking about this, Jiang Chenghuan became even more curious and couldnt help but tease Mu Feichi.

“Youre right.

Your little fox is at that age when she is beginning to fall in love.

She will definitely fall head over heels in love with whoever treats her the best.

I must say, you…”

“Apollo Sun God.” Mu Feichi threw out the bait.

He was too lazy to talk nonsense with Jiang Chenghuan.

“I…you, in order to pursue that little fox, youre even willing to give me your favorite car!”

Apollo Sun God was the sports car that hed been coveting for a long time now.

However, he couldnt get his hands on one because it was a limited edition.

Moreover, Mu Feichis vehicle had been modified by their technical department.

The positioning system and various programs in it were the best in the world, and no one would be able to buy a car as great as this anywhere in the world.

He had been envious of this car for a long time.

Mu Feichi wouldnt even say where the car was, and he hadnt even been able to get a glimpse of the car.

“Are you going or not”

“Go! Ill go! Even if it wasnt for the car, for the sake of your great romantic pursuit of your wife, I will fall on swords for you…”

Before Jiang Chenghuan finished speaking, Mu Feichi hung up the phone and threw it on the bedside table.

Turning around and entering the bathroom, he looked in the mirror.

His neck was covered in a rash.

But when he thought about the girls eyes that were so dazzling that they were like stars, he felt as if his rash was nothing.

Early in the morning, Yun Xi heard the housekeeper say that the Chen family had sent a car to pick her up.

The housekeeper had deliberately yelled the message out loudly during breakfast, for fear that the rest of the family wouldnt be able to hear her.

Yun Xi couldnt help but smile.

The housekeeper really had the balls to butt heads with her mother for her sake.

Shed been hired by their third uncle to take care of her grandfather, so even if her mother disliked the housekeeper, she couldnt get rid of her.

After calling her teacher to let her know she was going to be absent, Yun Xi changed into a mint green long-sleeved vintage-style dress.

Underneath the dress she wore a white linen skirt.

Her exquisite figure was accentuated by the vintage-style pankou dress.

The elegant color was neither ostentatious nor too low key, and it made her appear sophisticated.

Yun Ziling glanced at her slim waist, grit her teeth, and grunted with green-eyed envy.

“Sister, arent you ashamed to dress like that to go to the Chens house You look like a girl from the country going into the city for the first time.”

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Ziling airily.

Without bothering to answer her nonsense, she turned around and walked out.

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