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Chapter 277: Matchmaking Feast

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As Yun Xi walked in, she realized that all these people had been waiting for her to begin eating.

She felt extremely awkward.

Her legs went numb.

As if sensing her stage fright, Jiang Wanyun, Chen Yichens mother, patted the empty space beside her and stood up.

“Yun Xi, dear, come and sit here.”

Yun Xi smiled politely, but did not dare glance around.

She walked up to Jiang Wanyun and amiably greeted old Madame Chen, who was sitting in the seat of honor.

“Greetings, Madame! Greetings, Grandpa Chen!”

Old Madame Chen felt that the two of them, Yun Xi and Lichen, were a match made in heaven.

The more she looked at them the more compatible they seemed, and she couldnt stop grinning from ear to ear.

“Look at our little Yun Xi, shes a match made in heaven for our Chenchen!”

As the old Madame said this in a loud voice, all the relations sitting around the table looked at Yun Xi.

They were very interested in this little girl who had cured the old Madame…

Chinese medicine was complicated and profound.

If they had been there before she cured the old Madame, they definitely wouldnt have let her do something so reckless.

After all, she was still a young girl.

Whether she really had this ability and whether she could really cure their grandma had still been questionable at that point.

Absolutely no one had thought that the old Madame could really have been cured of the disease without surgery.

Even their grandpa was full of vigor now because of the medicine pillow she had given him.

Coupled with the emergency treatment shed given to the eldest heir, even if they had doubted her, they had to believe that she was truly capable.

Yun Xi looked embarrassed on being stared at by so many people.

She really wished she could dig a hole to hide in.

Taking charge, Jiang Wanyun smiled and waved her hand to indicate that the two of them should sit down.

While smoothing things over for the old Madame, she also spoke up for Yun Xi.

“Mom, you must be joking.

This girl is still very young.

If you try and steal her away, beware of my dad.”

“If these children have feelings for each other, would I be afraid of Mr.

Jiang They will have to fight it out among themselves.”

What the old Madam said was easier said than done.

Yun Xi looked awkward and kicked Chen Yichen forcefully from under the table.

If she had known this was a matchmaking feast, she definitely wouldnt have come.

However, even her grandfather had probably never had the opportunity to see all these wealthy people gathered in one place, so she was truly lucky.

After Yun Xi kicked him, Chen Yichen looked embarrassed and amused.

All right! It was his fault for not giving her a heads-up.

“Dont scare off the young girl.”

Jiang Wanyun tried to appease Yun Xi, turning to her and saying, “Yun Xi, everyone here is family.

Since they were curious about you, they gathered together for a meal and a reunion.

Dont feel any pressure.

Just be yourself.

Make yourself feel at home.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Okay, maam.”

How could she feel no pressure when she was sitting at a table with such a huge amount of people

Seeing her sitting there on pins and needles, Chen Yichen introduced her to his uncles and aunts around the table and steered the discussion away from this awkward topic.

Before the meal started, the door of the room opened, and Yun Xi was surprised to see Jiang Chenghuan, the young master who was a womanizer, at the door.

He was wearing a designer sweatshirt and casual trousers, and he stood there sheepishly at the door with a basket of fruit in his hands.

Upon seeing him, Yun Xi was not the only one who was surprised.

Chen Yichen was also very surprised.

Jiang Chenghuan hadnt seemed to expect that the entire room would be full of elders.

He shuddered and stepped back, looked at the room number on the door, and walked in after he was certain that he had gotten the right room.

Yun Xi stared at the young master, who suddenly started acting uncharacteristically.

“Grandma Chen, Huanhuan has missed you!”

“…” Yun Xi shuddered and then raised her eyes to see Jiang Chenghuan running toward the old Madame.

Madame Chen obviously really liked him, because the smile on her face grew even brighter.

“Oh, what are you doing here”

Old Madame Chen hugged Jiang Chenghuan with a kind expression on her face.

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