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Chapter 28: A Top Male Specimen Like Mu Feichi

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After having experienced a battle against a god of death, the little creature had won with her superb medical skills.

She was at an age where she didnt yet know how to control her preferences, so saving someones life should be something she would feel very proud of.

But he didnt detect even a trace of smugness in her eyes; instead, she appeared as if this were an extremely trivial matter.

She probably didnt know that saving Chen Yichens life had been considered a great favor by the Chens.

As long as she made the request, the Chens would be able to give anything she wanted.

But she didnt do it.

She didnt have any requests and even deliberately cleared up the relationship when Mrs.

Chen asked about the Yuns.

At such a young age, shed been able to battle against a wolf pack, identify date-rape drugs from one sip, and shed even been able to trick Han Wanling into confessing on her own.

Today, shed showed him how shed been able to smoothly wield a surgical knife to perform a laryngotomy under harsh conditions.

The childish little creature before his eyes was like a shroud of mist in front of him.

He was becoming increasingly more curious about the truth underneath the mist!

Propping her hand under her chin, Yun Xi carelessly watched the handsome man in front of her, her eyes sparkling with tiny flecks of starlight.

It was always said that female beauty caused calamity, but that was only because those people hadnt encountered a top male specimen like Mu Feichi.

He wasnt wearing formal attire today and all the other men in the coach were also going out in casual wear.

He wore a grey shirt, black trousers, and white, casual shoes.

The ordinary casual clothing on his body accentuated his refined posture and made him appear even more upright.

At that moment, he leaned back against the chair as he gazed silently at Yun Xi.

His long and lean legs were crossed, with one hand placed on the small table and the other hand on his knee.

This was obviously a lazy and casual action, but there was an indescribable attractiveness when he was the one to do it.

Although he possessed an extraordinary temperament and naturally carried the airs of a king, he was introverted and intense, so people didnt dare to play tricks in front of him.

In Yun Xis previous lifetime, she had only admired Han Yaotian as a man.

Under her blind obsession, she hadnt considered any other men at all.

But when shed actually jumped away from the logical fallacy of her obsession, she finally realized that Han Yaotian was really no comparison against a natural and noble leader like Mu Feichi.

One was born a leader—the ruthless and decisive Master Mu, who had been honed from bloody storms.

He carried majestic, male authority, as well as the courage and incomparable pride of someone who held a high position.

Another was merely the son of a wealthy family who played around in the business world, using intrigue and fighting with any and all means.

But with this thought, just how blind had she been in her previous lifetime

It was truly a bloody lesson!

This was the first time Mu Feichi had been so blatantly stared at.

She wasnt being hypocritical or pretentious, nor did she attempt to dodge or act with too much intention.

The train sped along the plains, and the sunlight shone in from outside the windows to cast on her tender face.

A fuzzy halo appeared on her side profile.

She propped up her chin slightly, her long, silky ponytail hanging over her arm.

Her thick eyelashes fluttered like fans, and like feathers, they caressed his heart to make him feel itchy and tingly.

He suddenly set his leg down and under the table, then their knees touched.

A certain feeling of flirtation suddenly appeared in the air as soon as they collided.

Yun Xi frowned slightly, leaning backward, and angled her leg to block Mu Feichis approaching knee.

Through the fabric of her pants, she could almost feel the heat emanating from his body!

She suddenly recalled how he had been inflicted by a date rape drug in the forest and stolen her first kiss in this lifetime, and her face flushed red.

In her frustration, she kicked at the knee that continued to approach her.

Using male keenness, Mu Feichi stretched out his long left leg to block Yun Xis attack as soon as she made the kick.

The two of them fought relentlessly under the table, their attacks refusing to relent for the other person.

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