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Chapter 281: Unexpected PDA

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His tall, imposing figure stood out among the crowd.

He was wearing white casual golf attire.

The bright sunshine cast both light and shadow on his angular face, causing his facial features to seem especially chiseled and striking.

Holding the golf club in his hand, he appeared nonchalant, yet his mannerisms were also graceful and cultivated.

He swung and hit the small white ball.

Standing on a hill in the distance, one of the workers made a gesture indicating the position of where the ball had landed.

The surrounding crowd quickly erupted into sustained applause.

Mu Feichi seemed to be used to such flattery.

His expression remained cold and detached.

Suddenly, he turned his head and saw the two figures approaching them.

He handed his golf club to the caddy behind him and walked over to greet them.

Soon, Huo Tingxiao also detached himself from the game and walked over to say hello.

Yun Xi watched the crowd leaving.

She guessed that the crowd had simply been there to watch these men, because they left as soon as Mu Feichi and Huo Tingxiao stopped playing.

No one had dared to say anything to them.

They didnt even dare to compliment them.

Being a boss was different.

One didnt even need to speak to clear the field.

Just as Mu Feichi was approaching Jiang Chenghuan and Yun Xi, a worker noticed his gesture and walked toward Mu Feichi with a towel on a tray.

Mu Feichi took the towel and wiped away the sweat around his neck, then put some pressure on the red rash that still remained from the night before.


I thought you went to dine with old Madame Chen”

He asked this casually.

They didnt know whether he was asking Jiang Chenghuan or Yun Xi.

The two of them answered at the same time, “Weve finished eating.”

As soon as hed finished speaking, Jiang Chenghuan felt that he had said something inappropriate.

He touched his nose and whispered, “You cant imagine, but the Chen family put on a feast for her.

Even I was taken aback! Everyone from the Chen family was there, and the scene seemed more lively than at New Years! If I had known that this was what was going on, I would definitely have gone on another day.”

Mu Feichi glanced at Jiang Chenghuan coldly.

Jiang Chenghuan chuckled and then went to chat with Huo Tingxiao.

Yun Xi looked awkward and raised her head in anticipation of being teased by Mu Feichi.

As soon as shed raised her head, she caught a glimpse of the red dots on his neck that were partially covered by the towel.

Although they had faded a bit, she could still see the traces.

She suddenly stretched out her hand toward him, but, before shed managed to touch him, she was stopped by Mu Feichis hand.

It was as if he was intentionally preventing her from touching him.

Yun Xi stretched out her other hand to quickly pull down the towel around his neck.

Mu Feichi was about to stop her, but he was worried about hurting her, so he simply let her do whatever she wanted.

Pulling down the towel, Yun Xi frowned as she looked at the rash on his neck.

She reached out her hands to examine it.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you allergic to any foods” She wasnt blind, and naturally she could tell that it was an allergic reaction.

“Its nothing.

It has already healed.”

Yun Xi didnt believe that was true.

When shed seen him last night, he had been all right.

The red rash on his neck at this moment, even though it had faded slightly, was not something that was going to have healed so quickly.

As if suddenly thinking of something, she reached out to pull on another corner of his clothes.

Then she lifted it up.

As expected, she saw patches of red rashes spread out all over his body.

Mu Feichi was a bit dumbfounded by her lifting up his clothes in public.

“Little rascal, you dont have to try to take off my clothes so desperately!”

“…” Yun Xi dropped her hand abruptly, then raised her head, blushing.

“Are you allergic to seafood” She glared at him angrily.

“Why did you eat it if you know you are allergic Youre so stupid!”

“…” Mu Feichi hadnt been reprimanded so harshly since hed been a small child.

After being reprimanded by her so furiously, he inexplicably felt that the little rascal in front of him appeared most alluring when she was acting like a serious adult.

Upon seeing the two of them being so casual with their PDA, their two companions both bowed their heads and chuckled.

Jiang Chenghuan couldnt help but say, “Such unexpected PDA!”

Yun Xi, “…”

Mu Feichi, “…”

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