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Chapter 284: If I Ruined Your Fun by Breaking Your Toy…

“By the time I received the news, it was too late.

Hed gotten shot twice, once in the chest and once in the thigh.

Huo Tingxiao and I dispatched all our bodyguards to escort him back.

His grandfather was furious when he found out, and of course his uncle adamantly denied his involvement.

But the old man wasnt stupid, and he deposed the uncle.

His family is now second in the line of succession.

And, although everything seems peaceful on the surface, there is much internal conflict going on underneath.

Jiang Chenghuan is quite ambitious, and he has established some very powerful connections in just a few years.

He is very shrewd as well.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She was surprised.

She hadnt expected him to have such an interesting background story.

She had thought that he had either been seriously injured or seriously ill.

She had had no idea that internal family drama was involved.

“He pretends to be a shallow playboy to fool his enemies.

Although it is an effective ruse, putting on such an act can be quite exhausting.”


The lives of prominent families werent as simple as shed thought.

The blood battles that werent evident on the surface were often quite brutal.

Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at her.

“Could you tell all of this simply by observing him”

“He acted like a silly playboy, but Im not blind.”

After a pause, she seemed to have thought of something, and she turned to ask, “Is the Mu family the same Full of internal drama and blood battles over inheritances”

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and instinctively tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

“Why, does this worry you”

Yun Xi scoffed.

“Its your family.

It has nothing to do with me and is none of my business.”

She couldnt even figure out how to deal with her own outlandish siblings and parents! How could she worry about others

Mu Feichi smiled and changed the topic.

“There is a document for you to see in the glove box.”

“What” Yun Xi froze for a moment.

Then she opened the glove box and took out a black folder.

“Is it this”

“See for yourself!”

Yun Xi opened the document and skimmed over it a few times.

The first page contained information on how Han Wanling had used her connections to help Liang Xinyi transfer to another school.

Shed already found out about this.

Next, there was information about how Han Wanling was going away.


I thought she would try to cause more trouble.

She is being sent away.

Studying abroad is just a euphemism for going into hiding.”

“Why are you upset that shes leaving No one will be here to bother you.”

“But she will return.

I hope she remembers to bring her brain when she returns.

Fighting against people with no brains lowers my IQ.”

“After this latest incident, Han Wanlings position of influence in the Han family has been greatly reduced.

Han Yaotian has climbed up instead.”

Yun Xi turned to the next page, which was about Han Yaotians investigation of her.

“Han Yaotian is investigating me” Although her tone sounded as if she were surprised, shed already had a hunch that he was interested in her.

“Is it bad for him to investigate you It would be stupid of him if he didnt, since you are so interested in him.”

“…” What did he mean by that Could she be compared to Han Yaotian

After closing the documents, Yun Xi asked in an indifferent tone, “What is Young Marshal Mu going to do”

“Im not going to do anything.

Its rare for you to come across a toy that piques your interest.

Obviously, you havent had enough fun with him yet.

If I ruined your fun by breaking your toy before you were finished with it, wouldnt you throw a tantrum”

Although it must be admitted that when he saw this information that was in the document, hed really wanted to kill Han Yaotian.

If he dared to covet his woman, he should take a long look in the mirror to see whether he had what it took to compete with him!

“…” Toy!

All right! In his eyes, the Han family wasnt really worth mentioning.

It would be almost too easy for him to ruin Han Yaotian.

But he had just described Han Yaotian as her toy…

Tsk, tsk, such a rude and domineering M.O.

was indeed characteristic of Mu Feichi.

“So, Young Marshal Mu, you mean youre going to let me handle it by myself”

“If you cant, you can always turn to me.”

“Okay, I understand.

Since youve promised you wont intervene, you cant mess around behind my back.”

“When do I not keep my promises”

“Young Marshal Mu, please dont contradict yourself.

Youve done so once before.”

At the auction, hed said that he wouldnt interfere in her affairs, yet hadnt he been the mastermind behind the scenes

“I guess it was shameful that I did.”

“…” D*mn him!

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