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Chapter 285: Youre Scared of a Bitter Taste

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Once they got back to the Mu Mansion, Mu Feichi listened to Yun Xi explain to the butler how to brew the medicine for his allergy.

It seemed to him as if she was shirking her responsibilities.

Since shed gotten herself involved, why would she abandon him halfway through

The butler was about to answer Yun Xi, when Mu Feichi spoke up for him, “The butler is old and cant remember so many details.

Come do it yourself.

There are all kinds of appliances in the kitchen.”

“…” Before Yun Xi could answer, Mu Feichi had already turned to go upstairs.

The butler smiled cooperatively.

“Miss Yun, I agree with Master Mu.

It would be better for you to do it yourself.”

Yun Xi grit her teeth and took a deep breath.

She decided to bite the bullet.

She would treat it as paying off her debt.

After brewing the herbal soup, she went upstairs with it and the rubbing alcohol.

Mu Feichi was in his study and raised his head when he heard the knock on the door.

Upon seeing her and his snow leopard come in together so harmoniously, Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes slightly.

On such a beautiful, serene afternoon, he suddenly had the urge to be alone with her.

“Drink this bowl of soup and rub the alcohol on the rash using this cotton.

It should be healed by tomorrow.”

Mu Feichi rolled his eyes and glanced at the bowl of soup, and he coughed softly.

“Is it bitter”

“Your highness, Young Marshal Mu of the Mu family, youre not afraid of anything in Jingdu, yet youre scared of a bitter taste”

What a joke!

Please tell her that this was a fake Mu Feichi sitting in front of her.

No, she would say that he was a paper tiger.

“Who says that just because Im a savvy businessman, I must also be unafraid of bitter medicines”

“Its not bitter, and its already getting cold.

Drink it quickly!”

“If you lie to me, how should I punish you”

She pinched his nose and made a face.

She was really getting fed up with him.

He was acting like a child and being stubborn.

“Okay, okay.” Mu Feichi took a sip of the soup and frowned slightly.

Yun Xi gave him an angry look, then asked, “Is it bitter Young Marshal Mu”

“Bitter…” Mu Feichi leaned over, kissed her lips, then smiled.

“Yep, its not bitter anymore.”

Yun Xi bit her lip, raised her foot, and kicked him in the calf.

“You are totally shameless!”

D*mn him! Always using disagreements to take advantage of her!

Him fussing about bitterness had all been a ruse.

He was simply thinking of how to take advantage of her…

If she had realized this beforehand, she wouldnt have felt any sympathy for him.

“All right… Youre right.

Im totally shameless.”

Suddenly feeling trapped, Yun Xi blushed with frustration.

“Im going to go.”

“Little thing, youre looking for punishment!”

“…” She glared at him, but she really didnt dare to move.

“In terms of shamelessness, you really can claim first place.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Mu Feichi smiled, and then he picked up the rubbing alcohol.

“Help me rub it in, and I will let you go.”

Yun Xi was both infuriated and amused by him right now.

She didnt worry that he was going to mess with her.

Although she wasnt as strong as he was, she knew how to protect herself.

“You burnt piece of braised pork, who would have an appetite for you now Arent you afraid of disgusting me by flirting with me when you are in such a terrible physical state”

“Well, you werent disgusted when you were lifting up my clothes earlier Its too late to be disgusted now.”

“D*mn you! Shut up!”

Since she couldnt beat him in this argument, she simply decided to shut up so she wouldnt get too enraged.

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