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Chapter 288: What Right Do You Have to Make Fun of Me

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“It was bad enough that you couldnt get any help from the Jiang family, but now youre blaming Yun Xi.

She was at dinner with the entire Chen family.

If she had said anything about my needing help in front of all those people, not only she, but the entire Yun family, would have been humiliated!”

“Then what is she gloating about She started blabbering as soon as she got home.

Shes done nothing to help us.”

“You shut up!” Yun Yuanfeng was on edge.

What had happened with Yun Xi and the Chen family today had been a rare opportunity, yet Yun Xi really couldnt have said anything.

Liang Xiuqin had gotten in touch with the Jiang family, but they simply wouldnt help.

What was Yun Yuanfeng going to do now

Yun Xi watched with an innocent expression as her mother dug her own grave.

Then she added nonchalantly, “Today, the heir of the Jiang family was also at the luncheon.”

“The heir of the Jiang family…”

Yun Yuanfeng shuddered with envy.

He couldnt believe that all these people he had never had the honor to meet had all been gathered together for one meal.

“Did you talk to him a lot…”

Were talking about the heir of the Jiang family, a truly glorious status!

If they ever managed to social climb, the Yun familys status in Jingdu could be different in the future.

“We talked a little bit.

Hed come to accompany the old Madame for a meal.

It seems that he has a close relationship with her.

The old Madame treats him as if he were her own child.”

Yun Xi picked the most unimportant details to talk about.

She said, “I was simply dragged there by the Eldest Heir.

I was purely an outsider, so of course the heir didnt take me very seriously.”

Yun Yuanfeng sighed with disappointment.

At this moment, he felt really helpless.

“How about… Yun Xi, do you think you could go to the Chen familys house to ask them for help privately.

Doesnt old Madame Chen like you very much You could ask her to relay a message to Mr.


“Im not sure whether Madame Chen will help, since, after all, they really arent indebted to us any longer.

Also, the vase that Yun Ziling broke last time she was there has never been compensated for.”

At the mention of this, Liang Xiuqins face suddenly soured.

“The incident with the vase was all your fault.

Why should Ziling take responsibility for your mistakes Besides, in terms of the compensation, couldnt it be resolved if you put in a word with Madame Chen I think you choose to use this issue to embarrass our family.

Are you even a member of the Yun family anymore Why have you become so treacherous”

“You shut up!” Yun Yuanfeng couldnt dare to allow her to offend Yun Xi now.

Liang Xiuqins brainless words gave him an enormous headache.

He had never seen anyone as stupid as she was.

It was fine if she didnt like their eldest daughter.

However, she kept making trouble for him because of it.

She was beyond stupid.

“Dad, Ill try my best to plead with Madame Chen, but I cant guarantee that shell help.

I can only try.”

Since shed mentioned that several gentlemen from the Chen family had been present, her father couldnt have expected her to intervene on his behalf.

Moreover, shed never promised to go to the Chen family to intercede.

Compared with her mothers self-confidence over the Jiang family helping him, thus giving him false hope, only to disappoint him, Yun Xi had been more than kind enough.

When the time came, even if she couldnt help, her father wouldnt dare blame her.

Thats right, her dad was a person who bullied the weak, feared the strong, and tried to suck up to the powerful.

“Okay, as soon as possible… They are going to start the investigation next Wednesday.”

“All right! I will go to the Chen familys house after school tomorrow.” Yun Xi raised her head nonchalantly and said, “If theres nothing else, I will go upstairs now.”

“Go then.”

On her way upstairs, Yun Xi noticed Yun Ziling, who was standing by the railing of the stairs on the second floor.

She scrutinized the enraged and envious look on Yun Zilings face.

“When you went to the Jiangs house today, did you finally see clearly that you actually mean nothing to Jiang Henglin”

Yun Zilings eyes suddenly got red.

She glared at Yun Xi with gritted teeth.

“Wretched girl, you shut up! What right do you have to make fun of me”

She had gone to the Jiang familys house today.

Although shed seen him, Jiang Henglin had made clear that he didnt intend to help her.

He had told her to consider his position.

No matter how stupid Yun Ziling was, she could tell that he was passing the buck at this time when he was their only hope.

If he didnt help, who else could they go to

Shed originally thought that he would definitely help her with something so easy for him to do.

She had not expected him to not care about them at all.

Although hed used the excuse of family loyalty, it was obvious that he didnt want to get wrapped up in such a messy affair.

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