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Chapter 289: With My Status, Do You Really Think You Could Get Away with That

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Yun Xi put an innocent expression on her face and chuckled.

“Compared to me, who is really his fiancee in the eyes of society, what are you”

Yun Ziling grimaced and gritted her teeth.

Yun Xi stepped forward and looked closely at Yun Ziling in a condescending manner.

It was only because her mother had spoiled Yun Ziling so much that she had gotten way too big for her britches.

However, given her mothers IQ and morals, she definitely hadnt expected her spoiling to turn Yun Ziling into someone talented or educated.

“Everyone in Jingdu knows that I am Jiang Henglins fiancee.

If he picks up with you behind my back, wouldnt that be a slap in the face for Grandfather Jiang and for me Although were not married, with my status, do you really think you could get away with that If he doesnt even take me seriously, why do you expect him to take you seriously”

Yun Xi reached out and patted Yun Zilings face condescendingly.

She was happy to give this stupid girl a lecture.

“Prominent families value reputation the most.

You and Mother went out of your way to embarrass the Jiang family.

Did you really think the Jiang family would help Dad”

If she had gone to ask them, perhaps Grandfather Jiang would have considered intervening in this matter.

However, it was a pity that her mother and Yun Ziling had gone there begging for leniency.

It was the equivalent of giving the old man a slap in the face.

Her mother didnt have enough brains.

There was no way Grandfather Jiang would help them now after Liang Xiuqin had gone there and humiliated the old man.

With a small snort, Yun Xi put her hand down by her side.

She said quietly, “Brains are a good thing, and its a pity that neither you nor Mother have any.”

Not wanting to talk any more nonsense with her, Yun Xi turned around and went upstairs.

In her previous life, Grandfather Jiang had valued reputation the most, just the same as he did now.

If Jiang Henglin had dared to do such a thing as having an affair with his fiancees sister, the old man would have whipped him.

All Jiang Henglin had been doing was blatantly using Yun Ziling in order to humiliate Yun Xi.

Yet Yun Zuling hadnt been able to see through this little trick of his, and her mother had actually believed that she could convince the Jiang family to help her.

How ridiculous.

Her mother was being too cocky.

Looks arent everything.

In this era, only Jingdus three noble families and the four great clans had the privilege of relying on their looks.

Other people really couldnt lean on their looks to get ahead.

Yun Ziling had vaguely grasped what Yun Xi was insinuating.

Feeling resentful and enraged, she shouted up the stairs to her in jealousy, “Even so, he likes me more than you.

Whats so great about you You might not even get to marry into the Jiang family.”

“…” Yun Xis only response was the sound of her footsteps going upstairs.

Yun Xi couldnt help but chuckle to herself.

What use was there in feelings

Werent they useless in critical moments

Yun Yuanfeng had placed all his hopes on Yun Xi, so Monday morning he took her to school on his way to work.

As a result, Yun Ziling, Yun Chuhan, and Liang Xinyi had to take the bus.

The high-maintenance princess, Yun Ziling, was furious.

His conduct made everything clear.

It just so happened that it was raining this morning, and Yun Xi didnt really want to take the bus.

So, when her father offered to take her, she had no reason to refuse.

But Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyis faces looked sour.

Liang Xiuqin couldnt bear the thought of Yun Ziling getting wet in the rain.

Upon hearing that Yun Yuanfeng was going to take Yun Xi to school, she was angry.

“Husband, she is a wild girl who is used to rough life in the countryside, so this little rain is nothing to her.

Ziling is sickly and cant bear getting wet in the rain.

If she gets sick, Ill have my hands full taking care of her.

It would be a waste of money and time.

Do you really want that”

Yun Zilings hospital bills were always very high.

If she had something serious like a heart attack, they could lose a lot of money.

Yun Yuanfeng glared at Liang Xiuqin with displeasure.

“Yun Xi is also your daughter, so what sort of mother are you Hasnt Zilings health recovered The bus station is not that far from the villa complex.

The rain isnt even that heavy at the moment, so why cant she go to school with an umbrella”

He was still counting on Yun Xi to go to the Chen family to beg for help.

Yet all this shortsighted stupid woman did was try to drag him down.

“What are you talking about Yun Xi is used to taking the bus on weekdays, so just let her take the bus.

Besides, her body is stronger than Zilings.”

“You shut up! Ive made up my mind.” Yun Yuanfeng didnt want to listen to Liang Xiuqin blabbering any longer, and he looked directly at Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, lets go! You will be late if we dont leave now.”

“All right, Dad!” Yun Xi glanced at the fiery eyes of her mother and Yun Ziling, and she sneered to herself.

Their unhappiness was her happiness!

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