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Chapter 293: Overdose!

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In the spacious courtyard of the beautiful villa, the butler was watering the lawn and the flowers.

When he saw that Zhao Yumo had brought her classmate home, he quickly put down the hose and walked over.

“The eldest lady is back.

And youve brought a guest.

Please come inside.”

“Uncle Lin, you dont need to worry about us.

Ive asked my classmate to come home to do homework with me and stay for dinner as well.

You just keep on doing your thing.”

Zhao Yumo took Yun Xi into the house.

There was no one in the house except the housekeeper, who was preparing to cook dinner.

“Auntie, Ive brought my classmate back to do homework with me today.

Ive invited her to dinner.

Can you prepare a meal for one more person, please”

“Of course.” The housekeeper had come out of the kitchen and glanced at Yun Xi.

Seeing that she was dressed nicely, she asked tentatively, “Miss, which family is this child from”

“Yun Xi is from one of the families in the villa complex.

You wouldnt know her, anyway.

Please hurry and cook! We are hungry after an entire day of class.”

“Ill cut some fruit for you two to eat now, all right”

Zhao Yumo glanced at Yun Xi and nodded.


Ill wait for you.”

The housekeeper glanced at Yun Xi and then turned around and went into the kitchen.

Yun Xi whispered in Zhao Yumos ear, “Is she your second uncles private spy”

Zhao Yumo nodded and gave her a thumbs-up gesture.

After a while, the housekeeper came out carrying a plate of fruit, and Zhao Yumo took the fruit plate.

“Auntie, please prepare dinner quickly.

I rarely have classmates come over, and I dont want to neglect such a precious guest.”

“Okay, I understand…”

“Well go upstairs to do our homework, and you can call us when dinner is ready.”


Once theyd gotten upstairs, Zhao Yumo took Yun Xi to her grandfathers room right away.

Pushing open the door, Yun Xi got a whiff of the unpleasant scent of medicine.

With the curtains of the room drawn, the room was dark and stuffy with no fresh air at all.

Closing the door, Yun Xi stepped forward and looked at the sleeping old man.

He had probably been lying sick in this bed for a long time.

His entire body was emaciated.

After moving a chair and making eye gestures at Zhao Yumo, Yun Xi sat at his side as she pulled out the old mans hand from under the quilt to quietly check his pulse.

Looking at her carefully, Zhao Yumo stood behind the door holding the fruit plate.

After taking his pulse, Yun Xi figured out what was going on with his heart, and her suspicions were confirmed.

“Where is the medicine Where did they put it”

Zhao Yumo pointed to the bedside table beside her and whispered, “They are all locked up.

The housekeeper has the key.

What should I do Do you want me to steal the key”

Yun Xi shrugged, pulled a clip from her hair, straightened it, and carefully inserted it into the keyhole.

She jimmied the lock, and the drawer opened straightaway.

“Wow, Yun Xi, you are so amazing!” Zhao Yumo was full of admiration.

Looking at the drawer full of medicine bottles, Yun Xi couldnt help but gasp.

“Which ones does he usually take Or does he take them all”

“He takes them all.

D*mn it! He could overdose from taking so many pills.”

Yun Xi looked through the bottles of medicines, took note of all the names of the medicines, then put them back in place, and locked the drawer.

“Lets go.

Lets go to your room and talk.”

Zhao Yumo nodded and dragged Yun Xi back to her room on the third floor secretly like they were two thieves.

“What the h*ll is going on with my grandpa Is he really very sick”

Yun Xi sat down in a chair with a grave expression on her face.

It was the first time that she had encountered a man who was not ill, but had been forced by his family to take medicine until he got sick.

They had made him into a helpless old man.

“Why Is it that bad” Zhao Yumo anxiously sat down on the side of the bed when she saw her grave expression.

“To tell you the truth, your grandfather is actually not sick.

Most of those medicines contain ingredients similar to those in sleeping pills.

Think about it.

If youre not sick but take so many medicines, you would be in a lethargic state every day.

How could he be healthy”

“D*mn it! No wonder they locked the drawers and wouldnt let us see what medicines Grandpa took.

The same doctor treated him every time.

Every time I asked the doctor what was wrong with Grandpa, his answer has been the same.

I want to beat them to death.”

“Dont get too worked up! Dont get too worked up! Your second uncle and the others have planned this for a long time.

If you cant be patient regarding this matter, you will lose out.”

“Then what should I do Can you help me come up with a plan quickly”

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