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Chapter 298: What a Deep Man He Was!

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As soon as Yun Xi got home, as she stopped in the front hallway to take off her shoes, Yun Yuanfeng ran over excitedly.

“Yun Xi, you really are daddys lucky star! Guess what happened Someone just called me to say that the investigators who are coming to my company this week are only looking at a few projects, and I dont have to worry about any of my wrongdoings being discovered.

Apparently, the director has been involved in dirty tricks that are much worse than mine.

If they found out about his shady business affairs, he would likely lose his position.

So Im going to have a greater chance at promotion now.”

“…” Yun Xi was a little confused, and it took a while for her to digest the meaning of Yun Yuanfengs words.

Someone settled it She hadnt gone to the Chen familys house yet!

Who would settle this for her

Upon thinking about it very carefully, she felt sure that it had to be Mu Feichi.

Who else could have done that

He hadnt said anything just now, and shed also said that he didnt need to intervene.

Hed simply settled the matter quietly for her.

What a deep man he was!

It had been a golden opportunity to make her indebted to him, yet he hadnt jumped on the opportunity.

This was very uncharacteristic of him.

“Yun Xi, you are so much better than your mother and your sisters.”

Yun Xi smiled stiffly, glanced at her mother and Yun Zilings grim faces, and curled her lips into a sneer.

“My mother still thinks Im a scourge.

Dont rejoice too early, dad.”

“What does that mean, a scourge Your mother is just ridiculously superstitious.

Dont let her bother you.

You are my daughter, and I can distinguish between family and outsiders.”

When he said this, Liang Xinyis expression turned sour.

After having been detained at the police station for a week, Liang Xinyi had become even more resilient.

Yun Xi couldnt help but regard her with some admiration.

Resilience is a good thing.

She would have less trouble now as she got stronger.

After failing to help her husband, Liang Xiuqin couldnt help but feel envious of Yun Xi also, but she couldnt voice her displeasure.

Yun Yuanfeng was as happy as a clam at this moment.

She would only get scolded if she poured a bucket of cold water over the atmosphere right now.

Probably because the problem had been solved, Yun Yuanfeng was all excited.

“Yun Xi, you have resolved your dads crisis.

Dad will reward you well.

Tell me what you want.”

“Dad, please increase my allowance.

The weather is getting cold, and the food in the school cafeteria tastes awful…”

Nothing was better than money.

Her allowance was the best idea.

“Okay! No problem! You are about to take the college entrance examination, and the weather is getting cold, so you must eat and dress well.

Starting next month, Dad will give you 2,000 yuan for your allowance every month.”

“Thank you, Dad!” Yun Xi smiled and scrunched up her eyes to conceal her expression.

Wow, 2,000 yuan! That was four times what the sisters current allowance was.

As soon as Yun Yuanfeng had agreed to that, Yun Ziling stood up resentfully.

“Dad, why should she get 2,000 yuan allowance I want it too!”

She only got 500 yuan allowance every month.

Because it wasnt enough for her to buy new clothes, her mother supplemented it.

Yun Xi, that wretched girl, now is going to get 2,000 yuan allowance.

She can buy a ton of new things with that.

“You are only a sophomore in high school.

What do you need so much allowance for All you need is enough for food every month.

This is my reward to Yun Xi.

If you were capable of doing the things that Yun Xi does, Dad would reward you in the same manner.”

Useless yet greedy, did they really think he was an ATM

“Mom…” Yun Ziling was unwilling to let Yun Xi reap all these benefits, so she quickly tugged on Liang Xiuqins sleeve, who was sitting beside her.


As soon as Liang Xiuqin started to speak, Yun Xi interrupted her.

“Mom, I have grown up and can manage money by myself.

Youre not thinking about asking for more money now, are you”

She knew exactly what kind of person her mother was.

In her previous life, she had constantly stolen Yun Xis research funds and salary and used all the money to subsidize Yun Zilings luxury skincare products, clothes, shoes, and handbags.

And she had naively thought that as long as Yun Ziling was happy, perhaps her mother would treat her better.

But in the end, her mother had been nothing but heartless.

Shed ruined Yun Xis face and her entire life!

In this life, Yun Xi was not going to be so stupid.

If she hadnt asked in front of her father, her mother would definitely have stolen the money from her behind her back.

Then the money would have ended up in Yun Zilings hands.

This was her money, so why should Yun Ziling reap the benefits

“I…” Liang Xiuqins face went rigid.

She had indeed had the idea to ask Yun Xi to hand over the money to her for safekeeping, but she hadnt expected this wretched girl to talk about this in front of her dad.

Yun Yuanfeng read Liang Xiuqins thoughts and patted Yun Xi on the shoulder.

“You keep the money that Dad gives you.

Your mother wont dare ask for it back from you.”

“Thank you, Dad! Then I will go upstairs to study.”

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