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Chapter 299: Lure a Rich Suitor

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Early the next morning, Su Hang personally delivered the medicine to the guard at the gate of the villa complex.

As Yun Xi headed out of the gates on the way to school, the guard gave her the bag full of medicines.

Yun Xi glanced at them and noticed that each medicine had a note affixed to it.

She put them in her book bag and rushed to the bus.

As soon as shed arrived at school, she unexpectedly ran into Jiang Henglin.

The jerk seemed to have been waiting for her at the school gates.

His timing was impeccable.

Yun Xi glared at him.

“Young master Jiang, what do you want”

Jiang Henglin was leaning against his car with a look of gloating delight on his face.

“Tomorrow is the day someone is going to investigate your dad.

You dont seem to be worried at all.”

“Youre right.

What could I possibly have to worry about” Yun Xi couldnt help but chuckle.

“On the contrary, you seem to be more worried than I am.”

Jiang Henglin snorted softly.

If his grandfather hadnt asked him to deal with this matter, he wouldnt have bothered to pay any attention to this vicious girl.

Despite knowing that there wasnt much time left, this wretched girl refused to even ask him for help.

He really didnt know what was up with her.

Wasnt she worried at all He couldnt believe it.

“Jiang Henglin, you might as well go back home.

This is none of your business.

By the way, please thank your grandfather for me for being so worried about me, but let him know that the Yun family can solve their own problems.”

“What did you say” Jiang Henglin felt amused as he watched Yun Xi act pretentiously proud.

“If you people could solve it by yourselves, why did your family come to our house begging for help Are some Yun family members mentally retarded”

“One rotten apple doesnt ruin the lot.

Judge only the person who came begging to you.

It was nothing to do with me.”

Yun Xi had never been shy about dissing Jiang Henglin.

“Besides, since youre the one who made a special trip just to ask me to beg you, perhaps youre mentally retarded”

“You…you ungrateful idiot! Since you think youre too good for other peoples help, I will enjoy watching the Yun family end up in ruin.

When you all come begging the Jiang family for help in the future, see who will bother to help you.”

Yun Xi tugged at the corner of her mouth mockingly.

In her eyes, someone as petty as Jiang Henglin was simply a brat who had been spoiled by his parents.

“Brother Henglin…”

Yun Xi was just about to go into school when she heard Yun Zilings voice.

Yun Xi glanced at her, rushing over from the car.

She snorted softly and turned her head just in time to see a flash of disgust in Jiang Henglins eyes.

“Oh, your admirer is here, so I wont be bothering you two lovebirds.

Jiang Henglin, since you are a graduate of Jingdu University, please act more mature in the future.

Dont just act like some brainless rich kid.

If you continue to act like this, you arent going to be respected by other people.”

After saying these words, she rushed into the school directly, abandoning a now-sulky Jiang Henglin

“Wretched girl, just you wait!”

Jiang Henglin watched furiously as Yun Xi disappeared into the school gates, and he was so enraged that his face was distorted.

“Brother Henglin, were you here to see me”

Yun Ziling had completely ignored Yun Xi, as she approached Jiang Henglin expectantly.

Although hed refused to help the family, the matter had been resolved, and they didnt need to trouble him any further.

She and her mother had spent a lot of effort and money trying to lure a rich suitor, so naturally they werent going to give him up so easily.

“No.” Jiang Henglin was fuming with rage after his previous encounter.

Upon seeing the brainless Yun Ziling coming toward him, he directed the anger he felt toward Yun Xi onto her.

However, upon thinking about the situation a little harder, he decided that he still wanted to use Yun Ziling to be able to diss Yun Xi.

He figured if he showed his true colors now, he would have less opportunities to get back at Yun Xi in the future.

She wanted to see him embarrassed, right He wasnt going to let her get her wish.

“I happened to be passing by, and I didnt expect to encounter you.

Tonight, after you get out of school, Ill treat you to dinner.”

“Im totally free tonight.

I get out of school at 5:00 oclock.

Are you going to pick me up at school or should I meet you somewhere”

Yun Zilings eyes had immediately brightened when he asked her out to dinner.

“Ill pick you up.

Go on to class.

Ill see you later.”

“Okay, Ill wait right here for you.”

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