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Chapter 302: When Have I Ever Been Impotent

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Yun Xi suppressed her smile and moved to sit across from Mu Feichi.

Jiang Chenghuan also came over to sit with them.

“By the way, why is Young Marshal Mu looking for me today”

Jiang Chenghuan sat down on the sofa and asked the butler to pour him a cup of hot water.

He was freezing to death.

It was a November winter in Jingdu, and the weather was cold and dry.

Since the Mu Mansion was at the top of the mountain, the temperature was even colder there.

“What do you think about letting him take care of the eldest lady of the Zhao family”

In a tone that sounded as if he was asking her opinion, Mu Feichi turned his head to look at Yun Xi.

His eyes fell on the slippers on her feet.

Stunned, Yun Xi raised her head.

However, she quickly snapped back to reality and looked at the indolent man on the sofa.

“Is he reliable” Although she knew that Jiang Chenghuan was only pretending to be a no-do-gooder, she really didnt know how trustworthy he was

For Mu Feichi to recommend him, he must have his reasons.

“Even if hes a bit unreliable, he is still the most suitable option.

The experiences and environments of these two people are very similar.

If I asked Huo Tingxiao to do it, he wouldnt be as gentle and compassionate as Second Master Jiang.”

Yun Xi sat pondering it.

If their experiences and environments had indeed been similar, if theyd suffered from the same internal domestic conflicts and greedy relatives, then they would be invincible together.

For Jiang Chenghuan to have survived to this day, and to even have taken over as the heir of the Jiang family, he probably wasnt someone to be underestimated.

“Okay! I agree with you.

Let it be him.”

“Hey, hey, what are you two talking about Why am I so confused Miss Zhao Why, you want to send me a beauty in this cold weather”

Yun Xi frowned and glared at Jiang Chenghuan.

“If you dare to kidnap her to take her to your bed, I will chop you up!”

Frightened by Yun Xi, Jiang Chenghuan immediately sat upright with fear on his face.

Mu Feichi glanced at him coldly, then picked up the pillow beside him and threw it at him.

How dare he act so inappropriately in front of his darling.

His actions might tarnish her.

“Shut up!” Mu Feichi said as he threw the pillow over.

Jiang Chenghuan stopped fooling around and curled up on the sofa holding the pillow.

Jiang Chenghuan loathed how unreasonably biased Mu Feichi had become.

His woman was the one whod acted so arrogantly and brazenly first, and he had simply had a normal reaction.

Why was he the one being rebuked

Mu Feichi was being way too protective of Yun Xi.

“I have to say, you act all worried about her, but why arent you worried about me What if Miss Zhao is attracted to me I am so good-looking and irresistible, and I cant help it if she starts to like me.”

“You just watch yourself.

She wont fall for just anyone.”

“Hey, you make me sound like someone untouchable.”

“Second Young Master Jiang, can you please give me a precise answer.”

“When have I ever been impotent”

Being provoked, Jiang Chenghuan stood up from the sofa and quickly used the pillow in his arms to hide his private parts.

Only then did Yun Xi realize what shed implied.

One could question a man about anything besides his potency.

Although she hadnt meant that, she decided to treat the situation as if Jiang Chenghuan had agreed.


Then Ill treat it as a promise.

Since youve agreed, you have to give it all youve got.”

“Then you have to tell me what kind of person youve saddled me with first.”

Mu Feichi leaned against the back of his chair casually as he looked at Jiang Chenghuan.

The serious expression in his eyes made Jiang Chenghuan stop being so frivolous.

“After what has happened with the Han family, theyre not going to let this girl off the hook so easily.

Thus, Ive decided that Im going to let the Zhao family replace the Han family in order to balance the four great clans.”

“Youre going to prop up the Zhao family” Jiang Chenghuan became serious now.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

He always remained calm when he spoke.

“Why not”

“Okay, whatever you say!”

Who would ever dare to challenge what Young Marshal Mu had decided

“Propping up the Zhao family will take several years.

Your job is that you have to make sure that Miss Zhao is capable of ruling the Zhao family.

I wont make the change if someone is incapable and cant be helped.

I dont take on charity cases.”

Yun Xi took a sip of her hot chocolate and said nonchalantly, “Ill bring her over tomorrow.

You can think more about it after you have met her.”

What Yun Xi wanted was for Jiang Chenghuan to teach Zhao Yumo with all his wisdom.

She didnt want him to just deal with it in a perfunctory manner.

“Okay, well talk more about it tomorrow.

I will think about it.”

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