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Chapter 305: Usually Bad People

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After hearing from Li Sinuo that Han Yaotian was still at the school gates, Yun Xi had no choice but to drag Zhao Yumo and Yang Lu to the school cafeteria for lunch at noon.

As soon as these two academic stars stepped into the cafeteria, all the students waiting in line for their food glanced over with admiration on their faces.

It was rare to see Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo come to the school cafeteria, so they all made way for them in the line.

Some especially ambitious students took advantage of the gap in the line to ask the two of them about yesterdays exam questions.

They discussed the exam questions as they waited in line, with all the surrounding students listening to what the two of them answered.

They all wanted to continue the conversation and were unwilling to leave to eat their lunches.

The school ethos was rigorous, and the academic environment was also very good.

Yun Xi couldnt help feeling moved by this scene of students from different classes gathering together out of a mutual thirst for knowledge.

They were all still at the young age of being students, and they could freely discuss academics and have dreams without any restraints.

She felt nostalgic for such a pure time in life.

At the end of the line, Li Sinuo, whose vision and hearing were blocked by the large group of people, stomped annoyedly as she watched the crowd that she couldnt squeeze into even if shed wanted to.

She clenched her fists and roared in exasperation, “How can anyone eat”

Upon hearing her roar, all the students turned around and looked at her.

Being stared at by so many people, Li Sinuo became worried that she might have antagonized the crowd, so she didnt dare act too haughty.

“If youre not hungry, could you please not get in the way of other students getting their lunch.

If you want to discuss problems, cant you do so over on the side”

With a cold snort, she glanced at Yun Xi and then walked straight to the front to swipe her lunch card.

Yang Lu had snatched the last three pieces of pork ribs from the canteen before Li Sinuo could.

Li Sinuo was so angry she was fuming, and she shot daggers at Yang Lu.

Yang Lu looked at her furious expression, then looked at the last three large pieces of pork ribs she had snatched and smiled merrily.

“Oh, my bad, I remember that pork ribs are your favorite food.

Too bad theyre all gone!”

Li Sinuos face got dark, and she gritted her teeth as she glared at Yang Lu.

“What are you gloating about Arent you afraid of getting a stomachache from eating so much”

“Even if I do, I still wont let you have any!”

Yang Lu sneered at her, then called Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo over with their trays.

The drama in the cafeteria had passed, and good new rumors started circling among the senior class.

The two academic stars werent stuck up at all, and they had lived up to their reputations as academic stars by answering questions brilliantly while also being as assertive as men.

Yun Xi had made an appointment with Zhao Yumo to go meet Jiang Chenghuan at the Mu Mansion.

However, as soon as theyd left the school gates, they encountered Han Yaotian.

This annoying stalker had really waited for her at the school gates for the entire day!

In terms of patience, she had never seen him have any of it in her previous life.

Zhao Yumo had heard earlier about this man who had been waiting for the entire day, and she sized him up and decided he was despicable.

He appeared humble and polite, but was actually a pretentious scumbag.

There was no way he didnt have ulterior motives behind waiting at the school gates for the entire day.

People who approached others with ulterior motives were usually bad people.


Han hasnt left yet How tiresome it must have been for you to wait all day in the cold weather.

Havent you just taken over a company Are you that bored”

“I know my priorities, and I sincerely feel apologetic.

I came here sincerely, and I hope Miss Yun will appreciate my humility.”

Yun Xi sneered and smiled.

She was really stuck in a catch-22 situation.

If she didnt agree, he would always have an excuse to come over and bug her the next time.

What Li Sinuo had said today had reminded her of something.

If this continued, the homeroom teacher would have to discuss the matter with her.

“Okay, okay.

But Ive invited my classmate home to do homework together.

If you want to treat me to a meal, I cant abandon my classmate.”

Displeasure flashed through Han Yaotians eyes, but he didnt show it on his face.

“No problem, lets all go together! As long as Miss Yun accepts my apology.”

Yun Xi didnt miss the gleam of displeasure in his eyes.

She plastered a fake smile on her face.

“Yumo, lets go and get our free meal.”

“Okay!” Zhao Yumo was going to take delight in being a third wheel.

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