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Chapter 306: This Way of Seeking to Impress Girls Was Too Ridiculous

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Yun Xi didnt want to talk to Han Yaotian during the ride, so she used Zhao Yumo shamelessly, discussing chemical formulas and biological gene chains with her.

Yun Xi was very shrewd.

She knew that Zhao Yumo, as well as being an heiress from a prominent family, was very smart.

So the two of them spent the whole time while they were riding with Han Yaotian purposely talking about things he didnt know anything about.

They didnt choose to discuss something like mathematics that could be linked to his work, nor did they choose a subject such as Chinese or English, topics that would allow him to join in the conversation.

Zhao Yumo chose subjects such as chemistry and biology, especially because Yun Xi excelled in them.

The two of them stayed deep in discussion, as if no one else was around and Han Yaotian had merely been their chaffeur.

Although Han Yaotian had joined a company right after graduating from university, it wasnt as if he had never been pursued by girls.

Now, suddenly, in this situation these two girls were more interested in academics than in him.

It was practically the first time he found himself unable to join into a conversation.

As one of the most handsome students at Jing University, he had been accustomed to being praised by people on a daily basis.

Being ignored like this was actually kind of refreshing.

A feeling that seemed like a passionate desire to dominate became stimulated.

This girl he was interested in was the heiress of the Yun family.

Her status wasnt ordinary.

Not only did she have connections with the Jiang family and the Chen family, two of the four great clans, but she was also acquainted with the mysterious Young Marshal Mu.

In fact, she had been the person who had saved Young Marshal Mus life.

His dim-witted older sister had almost destroyed the Han family in order to gain the position as the wife of the Mu familys heir, but she had also given him the chance to social climb.

If he could subdue this girl, not only would he be able to establish connections with the Jiang family and the Chen family easily in the future, he would also be able to find opportunities to resolve any future misunderstandings with Young Marshal Mu.

With Young Marshal Mu as his supporter, it wouldnt be difficult in the future for him to establish a firm position as the heir of the Han family.

This little girl was at an age when love was just beginning to blossom.

She had no clear concepts of beauty, ugliness, good, or evil.

Taming such an easy prey would be a piece of cake for him.

The more challenging the prey, the more it aroused his desire to conquer it…

When hed managed to tame her, he would feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

They drove all the way to a famous Western-style restaurant in Jingdu, and no one in the car noticed that a black car had been following behind them the entire way.

As soon as the car stopped in the parking area outside the restaurant, without giving Han Yaotian a chance to be a gentleman, Yun Xi pushed open the door and got out of the car.

Unlike private dining restaurants that required reservations in advance, Western-style restaurants were very sophisticated and luxurious and open to anyone with money.

For little girls who hadnt yet entered society and didnt know how to distinguish status and only were interested in showing off, going to these restaurants was a good way of faking affluence.

Yun Xi looked up at the door of the restaurant, and her lips curled up into a mocking sneer.

Han Yaotian was very naive in the way he thought about her and Yumo.

He definitely had underestimated them.

This way of seeking to impress girls was too ridiculous.

He thought that this was a place that they would like because they would be able to show off that they had eaten here.

But to them, this kind of restaurant made Han Yaotian appear to have no taste.

The men that they knew who actually had really good taste were the likes of the Eldest Heir and Mu Feichi.

These two girls were authentic blue bloods.

Illegitimate children are only illegitimate children after all.

The more insecure they feel, the more arrogant and boastful they become.

As the saying goes, the more empty one feels inside, the stronger the need to show off.

People with real status, prestige, and affluence like Mu Feichi act much more low-key and reserved.

By treating them like ordinary shallow girls, Han Yaotian had really underestimated them.

Thus, they didnt have to be polite either.

Thinking about all of this, Yun Xi winked at Zhao Yumo.

The two of them smiled at each other with an unspoken understanding and went to sit in seats next to each other.

As if curious about everything around her, Yun Xi deliberately glanced at everything around her like a country bumpkin who was in a Western-style restaurant for the first time.

As she watched Yun Xi, Zhao Yumo silently praised her acting skills.

Since they had been underestimated by Han Yaotian, they would simply play along for the entire meal.

Why shouldnt they pretend as if they had never been to such a place in their entire lives

Pretending to be a country bumpkin wasnt difficult at all.

Han Yaotian would definitely finish this meal by being humiliated.

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