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Chapter 307: Always Showing Off His Superior Status

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When Han Yaotian saw Yun Xi looking around with curiosity, he assumed that she had never been to such a place and got a sentimental expression in his eyes.

He smiled and asked softly, “Have you never been to a Western-style restaurant before”

She didnt look like a person who couldnt afford to eat in a Western-style restaurant because he noticed that the dress and hair ornament she wore at the banquet on the day he met her were very valuable.

Moreover, the Yun family lived in a villa complex.

So, although they werent a particularly prominent family, dining in a Western-style restaurant wouldnt have been unaffordable for them.

However, he had her background investigated, and from the information that he received from his investigation, he learned that she had just returned from the countryside.

Therefore, it was reasonable that she had never been to such a place yet.

What surprised him most of all about her was that a country bumpkin who had just come to Jingdu from the countryside seemed to have a more sophisticated aura than Han Wanling did.

This made him very curious and interested in her.

Smiling in a silly manner, Yun Xi concealed the emotions that she had been feeling.

“I just came back to Jingdu from the countryside.

I have never been to such a high-end Western-style restaurant.”

At this moment, she understood why, in her last life, Han Yaotian had only taken her to these kinds of restaurants when they went on dates.

If she had been truly valued and respected by him, he wouldnt have used this way of showing off to assert the hierarchy between them.

To Han Yaotian, she had always been looked down upon.

Thinking that Han Yaotian was so romantic and considerate then, she had been completely happy once upon a time.

Thinking about it now, she felt it was indeed ironic.

Whenever Han Yaotian was with her, he would show off his superior status every time.

Showing off his superior status and his masculine charm at the same time…

After coming back to a new life and getting to know the man in front of her again, she realized how blind she had been in her previous life.

Han Yaotian smiled and beckoned to the waiter to come and take their orders.

As if they had never seen the world, the two little girls acted naively and pointed at various things on the menu.

The waiter smiled awkwardly and turned his head to Han Yaotian, who was also embarrassed.

The waiter had a theory—Mr.

Han, a rich young master, had brought two poor relatives to eat Western-style cuisine.

After ordering the two most expensive dishes recommended by the chef, Yun Xi raised her head and deliberately asked Han Yaotian, “Mr.

Han, will our order be too expensive”

“No, you can order whatever you like.”

Zhao Yumo was very cooperative and played along as well.

“Really Then I want to eat this and this and this…”

The two of them ordered several dishes, each in loud voices.

The guests at the tables next to them looked over at them with contempt, as if they were looking at two country bumpkins.

The smile on Han Yaotians face grew stiffer and stiffer, but Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo tacitly continued their act.

The waiter brought their meal, continuing to look at them with contempt.

All three of them had ordered steak, and Yun Xi deliberately held her knife and fork in the wrong hands and cut the beef in a frantic manner.

The knife made harsh and jarring sounds against the dinner plate.

The guests at the next table couldnt help but laugh out loud.

Han Yaotian felt a little embarrassed, but he couldnt afford to offend her.

So he had no choice but to patiently try to teach her the correct etiquette for Western-style cuisine.

Zhao Yumo caused even more trouble.

She called the waiter over and asked for chopsticks.

The waiter looked at Han Yaotian helplessly and said, “Mr.

Han, our restaurant does not have chopsticks…”

He had never heard of anyone eating Western-style cuisine with chopsticks!

“How can I eat without chopsticks” Playing dumb, Zhao Yumo held the knife awkwardly as she vigorously cut the steak.

After cutting the rare steak and flipping it over with her fork, she said, “D*mn it! This meat is undercooked.

Its going to give me food poisoning.

Dont your chefs know how to cook meat properly”

Yun Xi pointed to her plate also.

“Mine doesnt seem cooked enough either…”

When she ordered her meal, shed deliberately asked for it to be rare, just so she and Yumo could put on this act.

She didnt believe that Han Yaotian would have very good patience.

She didnt think that he could brush off such a humiliation.

In her last life, he had valued his pride more than anything.

He had been discriminated against as an illegitimate child, and he hated that others looked down on him and laughed at him.

His inferiority complex had made him arrogant, egotistical, and conceited.

Sure enough, when she raised her head and looked at Han Yaotian innocently, he coughed with a stiff smile on his face, but he couldnt hide the disgust and embarrassment in his eyes.

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