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Chapter 309: I Didnt Need to Bring My Brains!

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Outside the restaurant, Zhao Yumo, who couldnt take her eyes off Mu Feichi, was pulled into the passenger seat by Jiang Chenghuan.

Why was she being so dense Couldnt she see that there was fiery passion between the two of them

Why didnt she have the guts to join in the fun

As soon as shed gotten into the car, Zhao Yumo couldnt help but yell in excitement, “Young Marshal Mu! Its really you! Young Marshal Mu! Ahhhhh! Yun Xi, please pinch me and tell me Im not dreaming!”

It was incredible that the idol she admired most had suddenly appeared in front of her.

Yun Xi blushed and looked embarrassed.

“Missie, can you please act normally Youre acting like this in front of Second Young Master Jiang is making me embarrassed.”

Jiang Chenghuan stretched out his hand to grab Zhao Yumos neck and pushed her back into the passenger seat and quickly fastened her seat belt.

The swiftness with which he fastened her seat belt made Zhao Yumo freeze for a moment.

It was only then that she noticed that the man next to her was indeed the person in charge of the Jiang family.

“Are you the playboy, Second Young Master Jiang” Zhao Yumo asked tentatively, as she looked the man in the drivers seat up and down.

For Jiang Chenghuan, being called a playboy felt like an insult, so he stretched out his hand to pinch Zhao Yumos cheek as he started to drive.

“Why are you calling me a playboy Did you leave your brain in the restaurant and forget to bring it out with you”

“My eyes are enough to judge.

I dont need to bring my brains,” Zhao Yumo fired back at him unrestrainedly as she flicked away his hand.

“Its not just what you look like, you are one.

You dress in such a flamboyant style that people might even mistake your gender.”

Her words struck a nerve, and Jiang Chenghuan finally had had enough.

He couldnt take her anymore, so he stepped on the brakes, turned his head to the wretched girl in the passenger seat, and shouted, “Shut up!”

Jiang Chenghuan hated people who said that he looked like a woman.

His good looks had indeed been inherited from his mother.

When he was young, saying that she had given him the wrong gender, his mother often made jokes about how if he had been her daughter, he wouldve been breathtakingly gorgeous.

He was the young master of the Jiang family, and he was also the sole heir of the family.

Along with the fact that his uncles family didnt have any children, he had been pampered by his family ever since he was a kid.

His father had spoiled him and intended to let him inherit all the riches of the Jiang family.

But he looked like a girl, he wasnt ruthless enough, and his physical appearance wasnt intimidating enough to make people fear him, so it was difficult for him to firmly establish his position as the heir.

His physical appearance had become his worst shortcoming.

Now this wretched girl had rubbed salt in his wounds today, and hed immediately lost his temper.

When he had suddenly slammed on the brakes, Yun Xi, unprepared, had flown into the front seat.

Mu Feichi had swiftly pulled her back into his arms.

“If you two keep on blabbering nonsense, you will have to get out of the car!”

His cold voice immediately froze the car with tension.

Jiang Chenghuan snorted coldly, started the car engine, and drove toward Jinding.

Zhao Yumo had also been frightened by the sudden roar from the man sitting behind her.

She didnt want to appear too brazen and unrestrained in front of her idol.

She turned her head and glanced at the man who seemed to be protecting Yun Xi, then she realized something.

“Yun Xi, why didnt you tell me that you knew Young Marshal Mu”

He was her idol, the man she admired the most, and she had wanted his autograph and to take a picture with him.

Yun Xi chuckled awkwardly.

“I havent had an opportunity yet.

Besides, with a person like Young Marshal Mu, you wouldnt have believed me even if Id told you.”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

After all, this legendary man was famously mysterious, and very few people had had the opportunity to become acquainted with him.

Even if people said they knew him, nine out of ten were wannabes who were making it up.

If Zhao Yumo hadnt seen him for herself, she indeed wouldve been incredulous.

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