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Chapter 310: Worthless Sense of Superiority

Standing at the entrance to Jinding, Yun Xi suddenly remembered Han Yaotians grimace.

Now she finally understood why he had looked so displeased.

Even the four great clans had to make reservations in advance in order to come to Jinding for dinner, but Mu Feichi could come whenever he wanted to.

Not to mention that compared to the self-proclaimed high-end Western-style restaurant that hed invited them to, Jinding was on a much higher level.

Anyone who had money could get into a Western-style restaurant.

However, even if one had a lot of money, one might not be able to get into Jinding.

This place was a true symbol of status and power.

In front of him, Mu Feichi had stolen them away to take them to dine at Jinding halfway through their meal with him.

Wasnt this a slap in the face to him

Mu Feichi had been born with a distinguished status, and he was already the head of the Mu family at a very young age.

His prominence and status were extraordinary and beyond the reach of the average person.

And he He had been born as an illegitimate child, and he had had to do everything in his power to be able to return to the Han family.

No matter how hard he worked, he was always going to be merely the son of a mistress.

An illegitimate son could never be compared with Mu Feichi.

Obviously not taking him seriously, Mu Feichi hadnt even bothered to look at him when hed come up to their table in the restaurant.

Compared to how he felt a sense of accomplishment from showing off, Mu Feichi had easily crushed him in one minute by throwing out the word Jinding.

At this moment, the sense of superiority he had cherished for so many years seemed so worthless compared to the blue-blooded, dignified Mu Feichi.

That kind of frustration…

Yun Xi understood how Han Yaotian was feeling at this moment.

Besides feelings of frustration, he probably felt as if his ego had been bruised.

She felt gratified that his self-esteem had gotten crushed.

Someone like Mu Feichi didnt even need to do much of anything to make Han Yaotian feel ashamed and overcome with an inferiority complex.

She felt inexplicably happy.

Seeing her standing at the door staring at Jindings sign, Mu Feichi smirked and rubbed her head with his hand.

“You like it that much”

Yun Xi snapped back to reality and nodded, then shook her head quickly.

She couldnt afford such an expensive place.

“If you like it, in the future, you can come here often.” Leading her inside, Mu Feichi didnt explain any further.

Inside the restaurant, there were quite a lot of golden osmanthus planted in the huge courtyard, and the air was filled with their fragrance.

As they walked in on the path of bluestone slabs, a waitress dressed in vintage-style clothing came toward them and stopped in front of them elegantly and gracefully.

“Young Marshal Mu, its nice to see you.” The waitress greeted Mu Feichi politely, then greeted Jiang Chenghuan, who was walking behind him.

She was sophisticated and courteous.

The waitress led them directly to a private room, which was different from the one that had been used by the Chen family during the feast that had taken place the last time Yun Xi had been here.

This room almost ran the length of the entire courtyard.

With jacaranda windows in antique frames and an overpowering musky scent, the interior decoration of the box followed the elegant architectural styles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Outside there was a small carved balcony, overlooking a pond where pink lotus bloomed.

This season, most places barely had any lotus, but the lotus here were still blooming!

Sitting on the small balcony, Yun Xi admired the lotus in the pond.

Mu Feichi glanced at her and said to the waitress, “Please bring us some desserts.”

“Yes, sir,” the waitress replied.

After being yelled at by her idol before, Zhao Yumo obediently sat next to Yun Xi and stared at Mu Feichi.

She wasnt in the mood to argue with Jiang Chenghuan.

“Yumo, Young Master Jiang is the mentor I recommended to you.”

“Huh He…” Zhao Yumo was dumbfounded when she heard that it was Jiang Chenghuan.

She had just offended him, and now Yun Xi was saying that he was going to be her teacher.

What a joke!

If so, wouldnt he take advantage of this opportunity to settle a score with her

Upon seeing her bewildered look, Jiang Chenghuan immediately burst out laughing.

He usually didnt stoop so low to harass little girls, but today he simply had to.

If he couldnt even intimidate this girl, how could he be qualified to mentor her

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