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Chapter 312: Youve Fed Me PDA!

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The waiter quickly delivered their order.

Zhao Yumo kept watching the interactions between Mu Feichi and Yun Xi, and finally she understood something.

And even though she saw what was going on, she didnt say a word.

While she was observing them, someone else was observing her.

Jiang Chenghuan stared at her for a long time, as if he was gauging the talent and intellect of his new disciple.

Just as he was withdrawing his gaze from Zhao Yumo, he looked up and noticed as Mu Feichi took his bowl, where all the fish had had its bones picked out, and put it in front of Yun Xi, replacing her bowl.

Yun Xi stared at the dish in front of her.

It was the tenderest piece of the fish, and he had thoughtfully picked out the bones for her.

This kind of treatment was something she had wanted for more than 20 years, but had never gotten in her last life.

It was also emblematic of the sense of warmth that she had longed for, but had never received.

She loved to eat fish, shrimp, and other seafood.

Muyang Town hadnt been near the sea, so fish had only been available at New Years.

At New Years, her aunt had always left the most boney fish tail for her and would lie to her uncle and tell him that she didnt like fish anyway.

After living this way for so many years, she no longer knew how to express her preferences.

And when she had returned to the Yun family, shed watched Liang Xiuqin place fish that had had its bones picked out in Yun Zilings bowl.

From beginning to end, she had never gotten any maternal love.

Yun Yuanfeng had never paid any attention to what she liked either, and the only way she could buy his paternal love was with money or the influence of her wealthy friends.

She seemed to have had no close connections with her family.

She didnt want in this life what she couldnt get in her previous life.

Thinking of how pitiful she had been in her previous life, her eyes watered.

Gritting her teeth, she took a deep breath and raised her head, smiled stiffly at the man beside her and said in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Thank you!”

Her clear eyes looked a bit watery.

Seeing that something was bothering her, Mu Feichi inexplicably felt his heart ache.

Since merely picking out the bones from a piece of fish had touched her so much, it had probably struck a nerve somewhere.

He knew exactly how her family had treated her, and he knew that the familial love that she longed for but couldnt get had always been a source of sorrow for her.

Without speaking, he raised his hand and touched her head as he sighed.

Little Yun Xi raised her head angrily and glared at him with her bright eyes as she muttered unhappily, “Dont pat me like you do Great White!”

Her babyish cheeks were puffy, and she looked like a willful child throwing a tantrum.

How adorable and coquettish she was!

Her clear eyes concealed the sorrowful emotions she had felt moments before, and she appeared as resilient and stubborn as always.

Mu Feichis hands froze midway to her head, but the expression on his face grew a little softer, and his eyes appeared to be smiling.

Even though they were separated by a large round table, the two people sitting right across from them could see the PDA clearly.

As the waiter was putting the dishes on the table, Jiang Chenghuan yelled at him, “Where has the chef gone today Why is he feeding me so much dog food” (Dog food is a play on words for PDA.)

“…” The waiter looked dumbfounded.

He looked at Mu Feichi, then at Second Young Master Jiang, who was covering his face, but the waiter had no idea what was going on.

“Second Young Master, we dont have any dog food here…”

Zhao Yumo smiled empathetically and said.

“Its okay, Second Young Master Jiang has been lacking female companionship recently, so hes more irritable than usual.”

“What can a midget like you understand Shut up!” Jiang Chenghuans face immediately turned ugly when Zhao Yumo said this.

“Youre the midget.

Im 54″.

Thats not short.”

“You dont even reach my shoulders in your high heels.

So how are you not short”

“I…You dont understand!”


After theyd finished dinner, they left Jinding.

Jiang Chenghuan was responsible for taking Zhao Yumo home.

Yun Xi rode in Mu Feichis car.

The two people who followed behind stared Mu Feichi and Yun Xi looked at the figures walking in front of them, and they looked like a couple.

Jiang Chenghuan sighed slightly in response to this remarkable scene.

“I ate dog food (PDA) all night.”

Zhao Yumo nodded in agreement.

“Im happy to watch their PDA.”

“Dont you like Mu Feichi and admire him Wont you feel jealous when you see them together”

“Its one thing to worship him, and its another to like him.

Dont you think theyre very suited for each other Yun Xi is already very capable now, and she will definitely be even more capable in the future.

Shell be able to be equal to Young Marshal Mu.

I like well-matched couples because theyre such role models.”


“You are such a weakling, yet you want to be evenly matched Lets train your feeble arms and legs first.”

“Dont underestimate me! Wait for me to defeat you!”

“Hmph! Ill wait and see.”

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