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Chapter 314: Nouveau Riche

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Compared to the extremely worried Zhao Yumo, Yun Xi wasnt worried at all.

“Who did this” Zhao Yumo couldnt help asking Yun Xi as soon as theyd left the office.

“Li Sinuo, Id bet.” Yun Xi chuckled lightly.

“She has seized this opportunity to stab me in the back.

Youve seen them all.

Even my driver got used.”

“She must be insane, right If the accusations arent overturned, youll get expelled from school.”

“So, now I have to find evidence to prove my innocence.”

“How are you going to prove it Slander like this is very hard to refute.

Are you going to ask them all to explain their situations one by one”

“I dont know, but Ill think of a way.” Yun Xi frowned slightly as she carefully sorted out all the photos.

“Can you tell what kind of camera these pictures were taken from”

“Youve asked the right person!” When it came to photos and cameras, Zhao Yumo was an expert.

“Ive always been interested in photography.

My Second Uncle and others felt that this hobby meant that I wasnt serious about doing business, so they supported my hobby with their base ulterior motives.”

“If you were serious about business, they would have to worry about you posing a threat to them.”

“Exactly, so they are very willing to pay for my distracting hobbies.

Ive cheated them out of a ton of money for this hobby for a long time.

I have lots of cameras.

I will know which camera model this is from as soon as we get all these photos developed!”

“Stop beating around the bush and just tell me.” Yun Xi chuckled out of exasperation.

The cameras in this era werent as advanced as those from her era.

The most basic ones were point-and-shoot cameras, and the more advanced ones were digital microchip cameras.

A more high-end type of camera was the SLR camera.

Most of the people who could afford SLR were professional photographers, however.

These photos werent high-resolution, so they were probably taken by a microchip camera.

“Id say its Canons microchip camera, at least 3,000 yuan for the smallest type.

I have a purple high-pixel one.

I used this type of camera to take pictures of you and Young Marshal Mu the other day.”

“At least 3,000 yuan That isnt a small amount! Li Sinuos family has only an average income.

3,000 yuan is three months of my allowance.

How do you think she could afford it”

“It seems like youre on to something.”

“We dont need any special tactics to deal with Li Sinuo.

However, she has to fill in the holes she dug herself.”

“What do you mean”


Go back to class! Ill tell you when I think of a way.”


But you should be careful.”

Back in the classroom, the homeroom teacher was teaching the first period, Chinese class, and as soon as the class started, he warned the students not to gossip about stupid things.

These slanderous rumors not only gave the school a bad reputation, but also affected the learning atmosphere.

High school students should act like high school students, and learning should be their first priority.

Teacher Xu said this bluntly.

Everyone knew what he meant and knew that the teacher was defending Yun Xi.

Li Sinuo glared at their homeroom teacher disdainfully.

He was simply biased because of her good grades.

He probably wouldnt give her the time of day if her grades had been poor.

But so what if he was defending her.

Yun Xi would have to bear the shame if she couldnt find any evidence.

Final exams were coming soon, and there were many seniors discussing the rumors.

She didnt believe that their homeroom teacher and the principal werent going to deal with it.

On the other hand, Yun Xi carried on as usual, going to class and studying for exams.

While jogging on Thursday morning, she found Qi Yuan waiting for her at the sentry post, and he handed her an envelope.

“What is this” Feeling something hard inside the envelope, Yun Xi froze a little.

It seemed like photos.

“You will need this.

Young Marshal Mu has been dealing with official affairs on the fringe of our properties these last few days, and he wont be back for two weeks.”

“Why didnt you go with him Arent you his most trusted assistant”

“I still have things to deal with here, so I had to stay in Jingdu.”

Qi Yuan didnt tell her that he had been ordered to stay in Jingdu by Young Marshal Mu in order to protect her and help her deal with all these problems.

Yun Xi opened the envelope and took out the photos and looked at them At first glance, she couldnt believe these photos.

“This…is this true” Upon seeing the first few photos, she suddenly raised her head to ask, “Who is this man”

Qi Yuan sneered.

“A nouveau riche who is burning through money.

You can figure out what you want to do with these.”

“I see.

Thank you very much for these pictures!”

With these photos, her problem was solved.

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