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Chapter 319: Shes as Important as the Country

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Since there was such an experienced philanderer present, this topic wasnt suitable for in-depth discussion.

Yun Xi patted Great Whites head and changed the subject.

“Young Marshal Mu, arent you dealing with official business How do you have so much time to be idle”

“Well, youre also part of my business.”

“A routine investigation” Ignoring the romantic insinuation of his words, Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and couldnt help teasing him in return.

At his computer, gazing at her with his head cocked, Mu Feichi leaned back in his chair.

He was casually dressed.

With his coffee-colored dreamy eyes and handsome features, as he leaned back, his self-assured mannerisms showcased his blue-blooded upbringing.

His familys prosperity was on his shoulders, and her well-being was also one of his major concerns.

In his mind, she and the Mu family had always been on an equally important scale.

He was willing to risk his life for the sake of his responsibilities, as well as for her.

Before meeting her, he had lived only for the sake of the Mu family.

But now, after meeting her, hed also started to live for her.

“Well, do I have to ask you, or will you speak up yourself”

He knew about her every move even though they were thousands of miles apart.

The sentence hed just said wasnt what she misinterpreted it as.

Since she was playing dumb, he would keep up the act as well, since it wasnt exactly difficult to play dumb.

“Doesnt Young Marshal Mu already know everything about me Oh, yes, the photos Qi Yuan gave me were very useful.

Thank you, Young Marshal Mu!”

When shed gotten the photos of Li Sinuo, shed realized that this man controlled so many secrets and knowledge of the world.

Those deceitful shenanigans werent things she could get involved in or even imagine.

The deep connections and insider secrets that he was privy to were far deeper than anyone could imagine.

She was only worried that by being so powerful, he would become a target for some bad people.

Since ancient times, the higher you stood, the more lonely you were.

There were many victims of the cutthroat competition of the world of money and power.

Fortunately, he had always remained low key and had never showed off his many talents.

By being discreet, he could seem mysterious and shady, and ordinary people wouldnt dare provoke him.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

“Just a thank you”

“Young Marshal Mu, how do you want me to thank you I dont want to appear to be ungrateful.

Im sure you wouldnt be satisfied with my response either way.”

“Well, lets listen to it first.”

“For example”

“After not seeing me for a few days, do you miss me”

“…..” Yun Xi felt speechless.

Hed started flirting with her out of the blue.

What Yun Xi didnt know was that at that moment, there were more than a dozen technicians monitoring Mu Feichi, as well as combat commanders, and even the indifferent Li Zilan and Feng Rui.

Everyone was watching the usually dignified and solemn Young Marshal Mu flirt with her unabashedly.

Even though his subordinates had stayed by his side for many years, they had never seen such a gentle side of Young Marshal Mu.

It was simply a spectacle that they had not thought that they would see in 1,000 years!

One by one, they all tensed up and waited for a good show as they held their breaths.

She didnt answer.

So, being stubborn and domineering, he waited quietly to show that he wasnt going to back down until he got an answer from her.

She was really fed up with his unreasonably willful behavior.

Yun Xi took a deep breath.

“Young Marshal Mu, it doesnt seem appropriate for me to answer this question with a simple yes or no.

But if I dont answer, you will probably lose sleep over it, and it will affect your work.

What do you think”

Mu Feichi narrowed his dark eyes and said in a deep voice, “As if you dont know what I am thinking about!”

He had never concealed his feelings for her, but she had always played dumb and kept pretending that she didnt know anything.

She didnt dare think about becoming the wife of the Mu familys head of household.

She knew she didnt have the right to.

But even if she didnt want to, Mu Feichi was going to force her to harbor this ambition!

If it hadnt been for her young age, with someone as domineering and unreasonable as he was, he probably would have already put her into this position.

There was probably no one except Mu Feichi who was willing to resort to any means and go to such deep ends for her sake.

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