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Chapter 320: Is It So Troublesome to Admit That You Missed Me

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Domineering and unreasonable, this was Mu Feichis style.

If she had been any other woman, she probably would have already thrown herself at him.

But Yun Xi was different.

She had vengeance on her mind, and she had an outrageous family to live down, so she wasnt suitable for the position as Mu Feichis wife.

She wanted to become stronger by her own efforts, but who knew that she would fall into the trap dug by Mu Feichi

“Is it so troublesome to admit that you missed me”

Yun Xi shook her head with a smile, and her piercing eyes gleamed mischievously.

The man on the other end of the conversation found her teasing mannerisms utterly irresistible.

It wasnt troublesome to simply say that she missed him, but the repercussions as a result could be troublesome.

“If you want to hear it, wait until you come back.”

She never made decisions when she was feeling impulsive, especially about this kind of thing that wasnt suitable for discussion at this time.

“Okay, just you wait!” Mu Feichi didnt force her.

He would be more encouraged listening to her now.

He would be more cautious in taking care of his business and deal with things more efficiently.

After all, there was someone waiting for him to return.

He didnt realize that when they decided to change the topic, the group of people whod been waiting for a good show all sighed in disappointment.

They all started lamenting, and Yun Xi couldnt help but gasp from her end.

How did this guy have the audacity to flirt with her in front of so many of his subordinates Where was his dignity as their boss Where was his pride

Had he lost his mind

At this moment, she really felt like digging a hole and climbing into it.

In terms of shamelessness, Mu Feichi took the cake.

“Shut up!” On his end of the video call, Mu Feichi shouted at the people around him, and the microphone suddenly became quiet.

Yun Xi looked embarrassed, but fortunately she hadnt said anything stupid just now.

“Wait for me to come back! You can ask Qi Yuan for help if you need anything.”

“Got it!” She couldnt wait to hang up as soon as possible.

She didnt know whether Gray Wolf had been waiting for the right time to come in or if it was just serendipitous, but right after Yun Xi and Mu Feichi had finished talking, Gray Wolf brought in a folder for her perusal.

“These are the basic terms and basic procedures.

You have a computer.

You should try to learn all about this yourself, and come to me when you are familiar with it.”

“Okay, I get it.

Thank you.”

Yun Xi read through the folder and got started.

Her comprehension ability and memory skills surpassed Gray Wolfs expectations.

After two days of hanging out together, she found that Gray Wolf was actually quite immature.

While she was familiarizing herself with the program, he spent all his time playing games on his computer.

She didnt know whether it was because geniuses were aloof, but he barely talked to her during the two days.

Seeing that she has good at comprehension, after saying a few words of praise, he implanted the virus in her computer and let her figure it out by herself.

The room was awkwardly quiet, and Great White was lying on his side sleeping from boredom.

His sleeping posture was terrible.

She had never been exposed to anything like what he was teaching her.

Everything was new and challenging.

On Monday morning, Yun Xi was stopped by Jiang Henglin as soon as she arrived at the school gates.

Seeing how furious he looked, she couldnt help but frown and step back.

As soon as hed seen her, Jiang Henglin blurted out, “Wretched girl, dont you have cram school on Saturday and Sunday Why didnt I see you here”

“Maybe I asked for a leave of absence.

Was Second Young Master Jiang looking for me for something”

“You didnt come to beg me about your dad, so you must have some self-respect.”

Since she hadnt come to see him, hed asked her father about it and discovered that the matter had been resolved.

But it was neither the Jiang family or the Chen family who had resolved the matter, but some mysterious boss who gave the order behind the scenes.

He thought that the Yun family had had great luck, but it still made him angry.

“Ive always been very dignified, so Im glad that you finally know it.

If theres nothing else, Im going to class.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but sneer.

It seemed as if he was holding a grudge about this.

She was honored and happy about that.

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