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Chapter 322: Coughing Up Blood

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Without Li Sinuo harassing her, Yun Xis days at school seemed to pass by quickly.

Mu Feichi wasnt around at this time, but she always went up the mountain on Saturday and Sunday to learn deciphering procedures from Gray Wolf.

Zhao Yumo obediently followed Jiang Chenghuans teaching, learning his skills.

She got hurt from time to time, and she begged Yun Xi to help her withstand the bruising.

Seeing that the medicine she was taking was having no effect, Yun Xi prepared a formula from Chinese medicine for her to bathe in.

As the weather was getting colder, Yun Xi went over to the Chen familys home, to check on the Old Madames health, and she prepared some supplemental herbs for the old lady.

Jiang Wanyun was very happy to see Yun Xi and took her down to the living room after shed checked on the Old Madame.

Yun Xi noticed that her complexion didnt look so good, so she asked Jiang Wanyuns permission to take her pulse.

“Have you been coughing a lot recently Has it not been getting better even with medicine”

It just so happened that Chen Ziliang was also at home, and, when Yun Xi said this, he quickly put down his newspaper and stood up.

“Yes, thats true! My wife has been coughing for more than a month now.

Even after taking a lot of medicine, it still hasnt gone away.

Yun Xi, can you help us figure out whats going on”

Jiang Wanyun genuinely liked Yun Xi, and she came so rarely now.

She naturally didnt want her to leave so fast.

“Husband, what are you so worried about Yun Xi hasnt even had any tea yet.”

Jiang Wanyun smiled softly and called the housekeeper to bring hot milk tea and snacks.

Sitting on the sofa, Yun Xi quietly took Jiang Wanyuns pulse and asked her about the timing and symptoms of the cough.

Then Yun Xi raised her eyes and looked at the anxious Chen Ziliang.

“Does the doctor who prescribes medicine for your wife say that she is coughing because of an infection”

“Yes, yes, yes! After you used Chinese medicine to treat the Old Madame, we all started to believe in Chinese medicine.

This time, we saw a Chinese medical doctor.

But, for some reason, she is still coughing even after taking the Chinese medicine for almost a month.

We were thinking that she should take it for a few more days, and if that didnt work we would have to call you again.”

Yun Xi carefully checked Jiang Wanyuns tongue and asked with a frown, “Have you been coughing up blood in the past few days”

When Yun Xi asked this, Chen Ziliang, obviously unaware of this, looked toward his wife with a grave expression.

Jiang Wanyun nodded and glanced at her husband, “I was afraid you would be worried, so I didnt say anything.”

“How can you keep coughing up blood a secret This is no small matter!”

As soon as he heard the mention of coughing up blood, Chen Ziliang couldnt sit still.

He looked at Yun Xi anxiously.

“Yun Xi, what can you do”

“Dont worry, this disease can be cured.” Yun Xi patted Jiang Wanyuns hand to comfort her.

“Coughs can be differentiated between coughs that come from infections or coughs that come from internal disease.

Coughs because of infections are usually due to new viruses, and the symptoms appear quickly yet last only a very short time.

This usually happens when the weather gets cold.

For coughs due to internal disease, the symptoms appear slowly, are frequent, and last much longer…

“Your wifes cough seems to have been caused by an infectious disease at first glance, but it has actually been cause by an internal disease, a hormonal disorder caused by poor diet or emotional distress.

Both coughs because of infection and coughs because of internal disease start in the lungs.

At first, you probably had a hoarse voice and noticed symptoms right away, so it was mistakenly diagnosed as an infectious disease.

No wonder the medicine hasnt been working.”

Chen Ziliang understood Yun Xis meaning now and slapped his hand down on the arm of the sofa.

“That quack doctor! D*mn it!”

“You cant blame the doctor.

Infectious diseases and internal diseases are very similar sometimes.

Its not easy to distinguish between them in a short period of time.

Now that the weather is cold and the air is dry, diets have also changed.

Your wife likes to eat spicy food so she keeps coughing.”

Jiang Wanyun nodded a bit helplessly.

“Since autumn came, my family has started eating hot pot more frequently.

I do eat a lot of spicy food, but I didnt expect…”

“Before you can get better, you have to quit eating spicy food.

I will prescribe some medicines for you to drink first.

Lets wait a few days to see their effects.

You should try to stay in a good mood during this period and dont work too hard.

“All right!”

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