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Chapter 329: The Most Gentle Birthday Present

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Appearing out of the night sky, a helicopter landed on the tarmac in front of the Mu familys residence.

Two people got out of the helicopter, and then they reached back in to help Mu Feichi, who had been wounded, get down from the chopper.

The butler was already waiting at the front door.

When he saw them coming, he hurried forward and looked at the injured Mu Feichi with a worried expression.

“Master, you…your injury…”

“Im fine.” Mu Feichi held his injured left arm as he asked in a deep voice, “Have you prepared everything that I asked for”

“Its all ready!” The butler replied as he followed behind him.

“But if youre injured so badly, how can you do this Let the chef do it.”

“Its my girls birthday.

I have to do it all by myself.”

Li Zilan glanced at Mu Feichis back and sighed.

“Men in love have no sense of reason.

Can you just keep an eye on him from the sidelines Let him mess around! If it isnt bad, how can he get her sympathy”

Feng Rui rolled his eyes at Li Zilan.

“Cant you refrain from being so sarcastic”

“Our Young Master Mu was injured rescuing you.

Then he had to catch a red eye in order to make dumplings for that girl.

What are you so concerned about”

“Okay, lets get going.” Mu Feichi took his jacket off and headed for the kitchen.

“As if he needs our concern.

The only person who he cares if theyre concerned is at the foot of the mountain.”

Li Zilan sighed and, with a worried look, she dragged Feng Rui out of the villa.

The chef trembled as he watched from the sidelines.

“Master, I have already kneaded the dough and the filling is ready.

Youre hurt, why dont you just let me do it”

“Ive already told you to watch from the sidelines! Why do you keep blabbering so much nonsense”

“…” The butler and the chef glanced at each other, and they realized that they had no choice but to stand on the sidelines and watch sheepishly.

Mu Feichis shoulder had gotten injured while hed been dealing with official business.

Although it was only a minor injury, his entire left arm was very painful.

He had made a special trip to return overnight just to celebrate the girls birthday.

“Where are the silver coins Have they been disinfected”

“They have been disinfected, and they are all here.” The butler took out several customized silver coins from the disinfection cabinet and placed them in a bowl.

The chef couldnt bear watching this and said nervously, “Master, I will roll out the dumpling wrappers, and you can make them.

Please lets speed up the pace, or it will be midnight soon.”

Mu Feichi turned and glanced at the clock in the dining room.

There was only one hour left.

His left hand wasnt very flexible, and he wasnt going to make it if he didnt hurry up.

“Okay!” Mu Feichi responded and took a silver coin and wrapped it in the dumpling.

After the dumplings had been filled, the butler looked at his dirty suit.

“Master, you should go up and take a bath.

We will cook them and put them in a thermal insulation box.

You can go down the mountain directly when you come downstairs.”

Mu Feichi looked down at his dirty casual attire, then nodded and went out of the kitchen.

“Watch them, and dont let them stick to the pot.”

“Okay, Ill be watching!”

At 11:30 that night, Yun Xi looked at the clock on the table.

After finishing calculating her last math problem, she packed up her textbooks and prepared to go to bed.

As soon as she turned around, she heard movement at the window.

When she looked up, she saw a figure standing outside the window knocking on the glass.

Through the window, she looked at the man standing outside and burst out laughing.

Then she opened the window, and Mu Feichi climbed in and entered the house.

It was still snowing outside, so he shook the snowflakes off his body.

Then he put a box down on the desk.

“Werent you supposed to come back in a few days”

Yun Xi looked at the man standing in front of her.

She hadnt expected him to come back on her birthday.

“Im back because Ive finished my work.” With a gentle expression in his dark eyes, he raised his hand and rubbed her head.

At this moment, in this world, she was the only one in his eyes.

“Happy birthday, my little darling!”

His mellow voice, somewhat cold like the chilly winter wind, sounded low and throaty like a deep cello, as if all of this mans gentleness had been put into it.

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