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Chapter 33: Basically Heaven Sent!

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Inside the mansion, Liang Xinyi was using all means to please Liang Xiuqin and called her “Mom” with complete diligence.

When Liang Xiuqin had read Liang Xinyis fortune and hadnt kicked her out of the household, Liang Xinyi had already known that she had a chance of staying with the Yuns.

As long as Liang Xiuqin accepted her, then all the other people in the Yun family didnt matter.

Even if Liang Xiuqin was actually her aunt, everyone already understood the true purpose of Yun Xis return home.

Liang Xiuqin and Yun Xi didnt have a very good mother-daughter relationship, so it didnt matter who replaced Yun Xi and came home.

The important thing was that she wasnt that star of death who brought misfortune to her family.

Liang Xinyi had been actually impressed with her own mothers understanding of Liang Xiuqin.

Shed said that Liang Xiuqin would undoubtedly let her stay as long as she had read her birth chart!

Her predictions had actually been true!

Very soon, one member of the Liang family would be able to upgrade her status and bring the rest of the family along with her!

Liang Xiuqin had asked for her fortune at the most revered Dezheng Temple in Muyang many years ago, and the fortune had predicted that she would be destined for weak familial relationships.

Although she hadnt been meant to have a son, she would have great fortune and marry into an esteemed family in the future.

Liang Xiuqin had originally been quite doubtful of the fortune-tellers words, but it was true that she had had weak familial relationships.

The Liangs valued men over women, so her existence had served solely to help her older brother, Liang Weimin, pave way for his future.

As a result, she hadnt had a great relationship with her parents, and they had also passed on early, so shed never really experienced much familial love.

Afterward, shed married into the Yun family.

After giving birth to Yun Xi, she had miscarried her second son, and this caused her to completely believe what the fortune-teller had said.

Especially when Liang Xiuqin had recalled that the fortune-teller had said that Yun Xi would bring misfortune to her entire family, shed wanted nothing more than to send away the little b*tch who had cursed her precious son to death!

In order to help her husband further his future prospects now, she encouraged her father-in-law to bring Yun Xi home and have her marry into the Jiang family.

As long as she was to be married off, then it wouldnt matter to her which family she went off to curse.

But she had never expected that the girl returning would not be her own daughter, but instead her niece.

This niece was destined for a life of fortune; Liang Xiuqin felt as if she was basically heaven sent!

She didnt have any feelings for her eldest daughter anyway, so it didnt matter if this was her daughter or niece.

The most important thing was to accomplish her goals without incurring any losses for herself.

However, Liang Xiuqin had no idea that in the twenty-some years since she had left Muyang, Dezheng Temple had already been commercialized by tourism.

The monks in the temples now relied on setting up stalls and telling fortunes to earn pocket money.

The so-called fortune-telling by birth charts was merely a fancy title.

Liang Xiuqin drank the tea served by Liang Xinyi and was very accepting of this flattery.

She looked at Liang Xinyi with a bit less harshness than before.

She had just set another cup when she saw the housekeeper rush into the room with a frantic expression.

“Madam, theres a girl outside and she claims that shes the real Miss Yun Xi…”

As soon as the caretaker stopped speaking, the teacup in Liang Xiuqins smashed onto the ground and broke into pieces.

Liang Xinyis face also fell instantly as she quickly turned to Liang Xiuqin, a strong feeling of unease immediately rising in her heart.

“No! This is impossible!” she thought, frantic.

“Yun Xi, that wretched girl, had already fallen off the cliff, so this cant possibly be her!”

“It absolutely cant be her!”

Liang Xinyi felt slightly relieved when she recalled this thought.

But while Liang Xinyi was relieved, Liang Xiuqin didnt dare to act carelessly.

She looked at Liang Xinyi with a twisted expression as she walked outside with the dignified manner of an officials wife.

The second daughter of the Yuns, Yun Ziling, so happened to come downstairs at that time.

She also followed them with curiosity when she heard the caretaker say this.

When shed seen this country bumpkin yesterday, shed assumed she was a new maid.

She had never expected her to be her older sister!

She was none other than the wealthy heiress of the Yun family; it already was a big enough joke for her to have a country bumpkin for a sister—she hadnt expected there would be another imposter coming today!

It was true that strange things happened every year, but there were especially many occurrences this year!

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