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Chapter 330: There Are Things You Dont Know About Me

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Yun Xi stared at the man who was patting her head so flirtatiously.

They were sitting so close, and the vibe distinctly felt a little romantic.

For a moment, she felt as if she was being sucked in by his tender gaze.

However, she snapped herself back to reality and pushed his hand away from the top of her head.

Then she smiled and asked, “How did Young Marshal Mu find out that it was my birthday today”

“What is there about you that I dont know” Mu Feichi sat down on the edge of her bed.

As he sat down on her little bed, the bed immediately looked very small indeed.

“…” There are things you dont know about me, Yun Xi said to herself silently.

For example, he didnt know that she had been reborn.

She chuckled and sat down on a chair and looked at him him.

The light on the desk was bright, and she noticed that his complexion didnt look well right now.

He was wearing a military-green down jacket, black trousers, and boots.

With his strikingly handsome face, he looked trendy and cool.

However, she picked up the scent of medical alcohol.

Although the smell wasnt that strong, shed been a medical student and was all too familiar with that odor.

She couldnt help but identify it.

She frowned, then, to make sure that the smell was coming from him, she leaned over toward him and sniffed.

Mu Feichi looked at his little rascal whose face was approaching him.

Hed really missed her a lot.

At this moment, she was looking completely innocent.

Her rosy-cheeked face, clever eyes, and serious yet welcoming expression were all so pleasing to the eye.

Especially since for the last two weeks he had been spending so much time dealing with official business in the outside world, surrounded by only men.

Taking a deep breath, he raised his hand and patted the place on the bed beside him.

“Dont worry.

Sit down here.

I have to tell you something.”

She was intoxicatingly irresistible to him.

Once intoxicated, the taste was hard to do without.

Under the dim light, she saw that his face looked a little pale, and she frowned as she took a closer look.

Her hand accidentally pressed against his shoulder, and Mu Feichi sucked in his breath.

The obvious pain made him immediately move his arm.

“Are you injured!” Yun Xi looked at his wrinkled brows and quickly realized that something was wrong.

Thinking about the area on his body that she had just touched, she reached out and lifted up his coat.

She noticed that a place on his left shoulder under his black T-shirt was bulging, and her hand felt warm and moist as she touched it.

She glanced at the blood staining the palm of her hand, and her face suddenly turned pale.

She realized that his left shoulder was wounded and wrapped in a thick gauze bandage.

The white gauze was dyed red by blood now.

She didnt know if the wound had been torn open when hed climbed through the window or if shed just injured him when shed touched him before.

Looking at the blood made Yun Xi feel really angry!

She was fuming with rage and had a fiery expression in her eyes as she reached out to pull his ear forcefully.

Her youthful face appeared stern as she scolded him with a serious expression, “You jerk! How dare you mess around climbing into my room when youre injured!”

With his ear being pulled, Mu Feichi seemed to be stunned for a moment, but then he laughed like a child.

When he was a little boy, his mother had pulled his ears when she was angry.

Now, when his little woman did it, he felt as if his heart had melted.

Purposely yelling out dramatically, he reached out and grabbed her little hand.

“It hurts, it hurts…baby, be more gentle with me…”

Her tender little hands felt slightly cold as they pressed against the palms of his hands, and his heart felt warm inside.

Snorting softly, Yun Xi slapped his hands away, and then turned around, opened the drawer, and started digging inside to find the medicine box.

She then placed it on the chair and started looking in it in order to find various medical ingredients to take care of Mu Feichis wound.

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