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Chapter 331: Your Heart Will Ache if I Die from Pain

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Ever since shed first received a scalpel from Mu Feichi, her medicine kit had grown and become filled with first aid equipment and medicines.

After cutting a fresh piece of gauze, she glanced at his wound.

It wasnt small.

Although it was still stitched up, the stitches had loosened and opened a bit.

It needed rebandaging.

When facing such a disobedient patient, any doctor would have been angry.

Sitting on the chair with her head down and quietly dealing with his wound, she didnt say a word to him.

From disinfecting, applying medicine, and wrapping the wound, she completed every movement neatly and professionally, not at all like a novice who might tremble at seeing a bloody wound.

Seeing that she remained silent, Mu Feichi sighed and then raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“Did I scare you”

Yun Xi raised her head and gave him an angry glare.

Her expression was obviously one of annoyance, but, in his eyes, it seemed like anger that had grown out of concern.

Everything she did was a pleasure for him to watch.

When shed finished bandaging the wound, she used the gauze to tie into a closing knot.

She deliberately used a lot of strength to tie it up, and Mu Feichi hissed and gasped in pain.

“Dying of pain will serve you right!” She reprimanded him.

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes and chuckled.

“Your heart will ache if I die from pain.”

“…” He was an irresistible flirt.

She was really no match for him, so she didnt say anything.

After putting on his coat, Mu Feichi leaned back in the bed and gazed at her with a deep and gentle expression in his eyes.

Shed come back to sit beside him after putting away the medicine box, throwing away the bloody gauze, and grabbing some snow from the balcony to wash her hands.

Looking at the lunch box that was sitting on her desk, she reached out and touched it.

“Whats this”

“Supper, hurry up and lets eat it!”

Yun Xi opened the box and looked inside.

It was an insulated box with five layers, each layer containing dumplings of different colors: white, yellow, emerald green, purple, and red.

The colorful assortment was really beautiful.

“These are dumplings stuffed with various things.” Mu Feichi pointed to the white box and explained.

“The yellow ones are crab dumplings, the green ones are chicken with winter bamboo shoots, the purple ones are Spanish mackerel, the white ones are leeks, and the red ones are shrimp.”

It seemed a lot of effort for a young master whod been raised with a silver spoon to be able to distinguish these so clearly, and Yun Xi couldnt help but be a little surprised.

Looking at him, she smiled and asked, “Young Marshal Mu, dont tell me that you came all the way here at night to bring me these dumplings because you made them”

“Why not All the men in the Mu corporation can make dumplings.”

“I wouldnt be surprised if they can, but Im surprised that you can!”

She forked a leek dumpling into his mouth.

“You taste it first!”

Mu Feichi glanced at the white leek dumpling and took a bite.

Then, holding her hand, he also forked a leek dumpling and put it in her mouth, and watched her reaction with a smile.

“Dont worry, theres no poison in them.

And if there is well die together.”

Yun Xi glared at him.

These fresh dumplings had obviously just been cooked and were still warm, sweet, juicy, and delicious.

Leek symbolizes eternity.

He didnt say anything.

He simply stared at her with a small smile on his gentle face.

Then he cocked his head and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

There were still three minutes to go until it was midnight.

“Youre now 17 years old.

Youve eaten the dumplings.

In this new year, I hope you get everything that you want.”

Yun Xi nodded.

It was the first time she had heard such a wonderful congratulatory message on her birthday.

As she was eating the second yellow crab dumpling, she accidentally bit into a hard object.

She spit it out and then looked up, raising her head in surprise.

She was amused and dumbfounded.

“Youve even put coins inside!”

She lowered her head and glanced again.

It wasnt a coin in her hand, but a specially customized silver coin.

Only the older generation still followed the tradition of wrapping coins in dumplings, which was supposed to symbolize good luck and good fortune in the coming year.

She hadnt expected Young Marshal Mu to be so magnanimous to actually wrap a silver coin inside the dumplings.

The silver coin was printed with a special badge with the name Mu engraved on it.

It seemed to be a family badge.

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