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Chapter 334: Beat Him Up

Back in her bedroom, Yun Xi looked happy as she locked the door and climbed into bed.

Mu Feichi was leaning against the wall, staring at her, as he suddenly grasped what was going on.

“Chen Yichen sent you a birthday cake”

Yun Xi nodded and pointed to the unopened gift bag lying on the sofa.

“He also gave me a gift.”

Mu Feichi glanced at the gift bag on the sofa.

From the logo on the bag, he could tell that the gift had been expensive.

His dark eyes looked troubled.

“From your tone, it seems as if youre saying that my gift doesnt seem as good as his.”

Yun Xi was a little caught off guard and turned to stare at him with surprise.

“Oh, no, I never meant that.”

The position as the female head of the Mu familys household had been presented to her on a silver platter.

How could she accuse him of that

He snorted.

“Impressive how Chen Yichens cake could cause food poisoning.

Thank God you didnt eat any of it!”

“The cake had been drugged, so as a medical student, how wouldnt I have been able to have smelled it”

Yun Xi laughed and told him about what had happened.

“Chen Yichen sent over two beautiful fish as a gift for me.

Then they were poisoned by Yun Ziling.

Taking advantage of my birthday, he sent over a cake for revenge on her! The matcha on the cake has been a popular pastry ingredient in Jingdu lately.

Matcha has a similar smell to a traditional Chinese medicine that is mixed with ground senna powder.

Senna is a stimulant and a laxative.

A single dose shouldnt exceed six grams, but half of the cake will have at least 100 grams in it.

Even if she collapses and goes to the hospital from dehydration, the diarrhea will continue for at least a week.

She dug her own grave, so dont blame me for not helping her.”

It wasnt that easy to take advantage of Yun Ziling, and she had to pay a price since shed dared to snatch away what didnt belong to her, and not for the first time.

As she told this story, she looked extremely innocent.

Mu Feichi touched her on the head, and his sulky eyes examined her like an X-ray, as if no one could hide anything from him.

“It seems that Chen Yichen has been coming to see you quite diligently in recent days.”

Yun Xi couldnt help but tremble at the frosty tone of his words.

Glancing at him awkwardly, she didnt know how to explain.

“Hes been quite busy preparing for his companys listing.

So when he comes to the villa complex, he only meets me at the entrance.”

Mu Feichi snorted softly, and she didnt know whether or not he took her at her word, but he appeared aloof and seemed to have started to ignore her.

Pulling the quilt back over him and lying down again, he dimmed the bedside lamp and turned his back on her.

Yun Xi stretched out her hand and tucked in the quilt for him, then lay down beside him, ignoring his temper tantrum.

In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the body at her side, so she turned on the bedside lamp and sat up.

After returning to the Yun familys home, she hadnt dared to sleep too deeply, for fear that something might happen to her, so shed remained vigilant even when she slept.

Mu Feichis restlessness had woken her up.

Seeing him frown in his sleep, she quickly reached out to check his temperature on his forehead.

Sure enough, his wound had gotten infected, and he had a fever.

For a moment, she really wanted to beat him up.

He was so naughty that hed just had to climb through the window despite his injuries.

If the wound opened, wouldnt it be him who suffered the pain

But upon thinking that hed come back all this way in order to celebrate her birthday, and to say happy birthday to her face to face, she felt so moved and overwhelmed.

With a light sigh, she got out of bed and took out the antibiotics from the medicine cabinet and the rubbing alcohol to physically cool him down.

It took a lot of effort to wake him up.

She gave him the medicine with the water in her cup.

“Whats wrong” After taking the medicine, Mu Feichi asked her quietly.

“Your wound is infected, and you have a fever.”

“No wonder I feel so hot…”

His health was better than that of ordinary people.

Even though he had a fever, he simply felt a little uncomfortable, instead of becoming delirious.

She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

Then she said somewhat awkwardly, “Get up and undress.”

Mu Feichi leaned back in the bed.

Perhaps because of his fever, his eyes appeared hazy and dazed as he gazed at her.

“Why, do you want to do something inappropriate to me Just say so if you want to, and Ill take off my clothes to cooperate with you.”

With that said, he really started to unbutton his clothes, and his hazy eyes gazed at her with an airy smile.

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