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Chapter 336: Otherwise, I Will Turn Against You

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Mu Feichi staying in her room, leeching on her, made Yun Xi feel really miserable.

She had to secretly cook medical herbs for him every day and secretly carry home boxes with food from outside.

Like a thief, she had to hide everything from her family.

Fortunately, he only stayed for two days.

When she woke up on Monday morning, Mu Feichi was gone from the bed.

After this high-maintenance lord had left, she thought that she would finally get some rest.

Little did she know that more surprises were waiting for her

When she ran to the sentry post, as she did every day, Mu Feichi had sent Feng Rui to pick her up after school and bring her up the mountain to change his bandages and medications.

Mu Feichi had a personal doctor, but he willfully wanted her to do it for him.

He treated her as if she was some personal property he could push around.

However, to her surprise, Mu Feichi didnt stop working when she was there.

Qi Yuan stood off to the side and reported business news to him while he was sitting on the sofa and letting her change his bandages.

Only then did Yun Xi learn that they had had an accident when they had gone to discuss their business operations this last time.

A child had fallen from one of the upper floors of the hotel, but, fortunately, it hadnt been extremely high and Mu Feichi had been able to catch the child in time.

Feng Rui was hot-headed, and, in order to save the child, hed climbed over a fence on the floor where the child was to get to him and almost killed himself too.

It was Mu Feichi who had grabbed both the child and Feng Rui in the nick of time, but the gravitational force of the two of them falling had caused him to sprain his arm.

Listening quietly, Yun Xi didnt say anything, and the movement of her hands never stopped.

Li Zilan glanced at Yun Xi and coughed softly.

“If Young Marshal Mu is so reluctant to leave her when he goes for business trips abroad to discuss projects, the best solution would be to simply take her with him.

Then she can see what real negotiations in the business world consist of.”

As soon as Li Zilan had finished speaking, Mu Feichis eyes shot daggers at her.

His murderous glare served as an icy warning and a threat.

His woman wasnt strong enough yet, and he wasnt going to let her be exposed to outsiders, lest she become other peoples target.

This is too dangerous for her.

At that moment, no one dared to speak, and the atmosphere in the living room suddenly dropped to the freezing point.

Feng Rui quickly pulled at Li Zilans arm and winked at her.

How could she bring up this topic

The little fox wasnt mature enough yet.

Even if she was able to work, she was still very inexperienced and could easily become enmeshed in other peoples machinations.

Li Zilan couldve talked about anyone else, but talking about the little fox was definitely taboo.

Yun Xi glanced at Mu Feichi, and then at Li Zilan, who was looking sheepish.

Mu Feichi helped her put on her coat.

At this time, no matter what they said, she couldnt intervene and say much, because the more she said, the more flaws she would reveal.

“Okay! Its getting late, so Im going home for dinner.

Ill see you all soon.”

Yun Xi stood up, took her backpack, and looked down at the gloomy man on the sofa.

She said, “I brought some Chinese medicine for you and gave it to the housekeeper, so remember to drink it.”

“Qi Yuan, take her down the mountain.”

Since he seemed really upset, Mu Feichi issued the order in a cold voice.

“Yes, boss,” Qi Yuan answered and took Yun Xi out of the living room.

Not long after Yun Xi had left the living room, she could hear the sound of fighting coming from there.

She naturally turned her head, and, as shed expected, she saw Li Zilan being thrown to the ground by Mu Feichi.

When angered, men didnt hold back.

She didnt stare any longer, nor did she intervene.

She turned around and walked out of the yard.

“Li Zilan, in the future, you are not allowed to say anything of this kind to my woman.

Otherwise, I will turn against you.”

“…” Li Zilan had no response.

If he wanted to act like a fool, who would dare to stop him

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