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Chapter 337: Unable to Social Climb Even if They Threw Themselves at Them

As Yun Xi was returning from the mountain, she ran into Feng Yang, who was just getting home.

Seeing her, Feng Yang was a little surprised.

He stopped the car and lowered his window.

With one hand on the steering wheel, Feng Yang stared at her silently for a few seconds.

Wearing a blue-green down jacket, the little girl standing outside the car appeared cozy and endearing.

Withdrawing his gaze, Feng Yang said casually, “I heard that your birthday was a few days ago.”

He received a call from his housekeeper that her birthday was on the winter solstice, so he hurried home.

He had specially ordered his housekeeper to establish a relationship with the Yun familys housekeeper, but it had been too late when he found out about her birthday.

“Well, it was a few days ago.

Have you just come back home”

Yun Xi realized that she hadnt seen him for a long time.

Although they both lived in the same villa complex, Feng Yangs family were the people who stood at the top of the pyramid, while the Yun family was at the bottom.

“I went to the desert and just came back.”

With that, he took a gift bag off the passenger seat and handed it to her.

“Birthday present.”

“What Its already over, so you dont need to give me gifts…”

Moreover, she had no reason to accept his gifts since they werent familiar with each other.

“Ive already bought it, so if you dont like it, you can throw it in the trash can.”

“…” Another person who doesnt like being rejected!

Yun Xi was about to reach out to pick it up when Yun Ziling, who had just come back from shopping, ran over.

When she saw the logo on the gift bag, she reached out and snatched the gift bag from Feng Yangs hand.

“Wow, a Burberry scarf!”

Yun Ziling glanced at the scarf in the bag, but then she looked up and saw Feng Yangs cold eyes.

She couldnt help but shiver.

“Big Brother F…Feng, why are you here” She thought it was Jiang Henglin.

Upon seeing that it was Feng Yang, Yun Ziling had immediately stopped acting arrogantly and stood off to the side awkwardly.

Seeing Feng Yang was in the car, Liang Xiuqin had also hurriedly walked over.

“Turns out its Young Master Feng, what a coincidence! Are you here to see Yuanfeng Come in and sit down.”

Everyone knew the status of the Feng family in the villa complex, and everyone was desperate to establish connections with them that could help them in the future.

With Feng Yang appearing outside their house, how could Liang Xiuqin not seize this good opportunity

“No need!” Feng Yang pushed open the car door and got out of his car.

Then he snatched the gift bag from Yun Zilings hands and gave it to Yun Xi.

“There is no reason for me to take back what I gave you.”

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Ziling, whose eyes were red with envious rage, and Liang Xiuqin, who appeared shocked.

Not in the mood to pretentiously refuse, she accepted the gift bag.

“Thank you!”

“You…” Liang Xiuqin glanced at both of them and then glared at Yun Xi fiercely.

“You know him”

Yuanfeng and Liang Xiuqin had long wanted to social climb through the Feng family since they were the heads of the villa complex.

However, it seemed that they might be unable to social climb even if they threw themselves at them.

Now unexpectedly, that wretched girl, Yun Xi, knew the Feng familys young master.

Feng Yang didnt care at all about other peoples opinions.

He didnt even acknowledge Liang Xiuqins smarmy flattery, but turned around and got in his car.

“Its cold outside, so go home!”

After saying this to Yun Xi, he started the car and drove home directly.

Naturally, Liang Xiuqin didnt dare complain about his frosty attitude.

However, seeing that hed given that wretched girl, Yun Xi, a gift, obviously they had a relationship.

As soon as he left, Liang Xiuqin started to interrogate Yun Xi.

“Wretched girl, how did you meet Feng Yang Why didnt you tell our family”

If they knew that she had known the Feng family, would they have needed to go to the Jiang familys house to be embarrassed about the crisis regarding the companys project

This wretched girl just didnt want to make their lives easy.

She had connections, but wouldnt share them.

How vicious and ungrateful.

Yun Xi looked at Liang Xiuqin and said mockingly, “Hes just a casual friend, yet I have to report it to the family”

Yun Ziling snorted coldly.

“What ordinary friend Does an ordinary friend give you such an expensive scarf This is Burberrys cashmere scarf, which costs more than 3,000 yuan.”

“Whether or not hes an ordinary friend, its my freedom to choose who to socialize with.

Besides, it was just a birthday present.

Can the Feng familys young master give out a cheap gift”

Too lazy to talk any more nonsense with them, Yun Xi turned around and walked into the house.

“Wretched girl, stop right there! Explain clearly whats going on.”

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