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Chapter 340: Only Personally Exacting Vengeance Will Satisfy Her

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Yun Xi didnt want to let the Han family off the hook so easily.

However, if the Han family were toppled now, the power dynamic in Jingdu could be overturned.

Moreover, because she had been reborn, she would have changed the trajectory of many things and many people.

She was worried that if Jingdu lost the stability of its power dynamic, there would be more unforeseen things happening.

She was afraid that she could be caught off guard then.

After carefully weighing her options, she decided to let the Han family be for the time being.

It wasnt time yet for their downfall.

She didnt want to use Mu Feichis power to get rid of the Han family.

She wanted to do it herself.

Only if she could personally avenge her death in her last life at the hands of Han Yaotian could she satisfy her desire for vengeance.

Mu Feichi respected her decision.

Although him personally intervening in this matter made it too easy on the Han family, at the same time compromising information about the Han family also fell into Mu Feichis hands.

Yun Xi had unexpectedly decided to let the Han family off the hook this time, but her decision unknowingly put herself in danger.

Early Monday morning, as soon as Yun Xi had arrived at school, she heard Yang Lu talking about the schools biology league and the biology Olympiad.

Classes 1, 2, and 3 were all classes focused on science, and the top students in science were all top students in their grades.

Previously, Liang Xinyi had been assigned to the same class as she was probably only because her mother had used some sort of connections to place Liang Xinyi in Class 3.

After all, with Liang Xinyis grades, it would have been impossible for her to squeeze into Class 3.

Yun Xi hadnt thought about this before, and now that Liang Xinyi had left the school, she didnt bother to investigate the matter.

These competitions held by schools were where most universities went to discover talent.

The person who got first place in the Olympiad would be unconditionally admitted to Beijing University.

Also, if one won first place in the final International Biology Olympiad, one would be sent to study abroad.

Studying abroad wasnt very enticing to Yun Xi.

Her target was in this country.

Many things could change in a few years and would therefore be out of her control.

Therefore, when the biology teacher recommended that she participate, she wasnt all that interested and agreed in an indifferent manner.

However, as soon as shed agreed, the atmosphere in the class became a little tense.

Only then did Yun Xi realize that Zhou Chengzhe, the top student in the grade, and three other students, respectively ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth in the grade, would also compete.

Zhao Yumo wasnt interested in this kind of competition and was too lazy to compete with Zhou Chengzhe.

Yun Xi didnt want to compete with Zhou Chengzhe either.

Being in second place in their grade was enough for her.

Shed agreed too quickly, but it was too late to change her mind.

Her biology teacher had high hopes for her.

After all, her biology grades were unrivaled at her grade level, and her understanding of the subject was much better than that of other students.

The teacher was hoping that she would come back with an award to make him proud and bring the school honor.

Yun Xi thought of Zhou Chengzhe.

She wasnt familiar with his abilities.

She couldnt find the right balance in terms of test scores, like Zhao Yumo had.

She couldnt purposely get second place in order to be considerate of Zhou Chengzhe.

There were students from other schools involved in the competition, so it was impossible to gauge how it would turn out.

At lunch, Yun Xi explained what was bothering her to Zhao Yumo.

Zhao Yumo told her to show her true strength.

It wasnt important to purposely let Zhou Chengzhe win.

After all, since the competitors werent all from the same school, perhaps there would be people even more impressive than they were.

Yun Xi thought about it for a while and felt that that was the truth, so she became a little less worried.

As soon as she returned to the school from lunch, she ran into Han Yaotian, who was waiting outside.

Yun Xi didnt feel happy when she saw him.

Last time, they had shamed him so much, yet he was still thick-skinned enough to come to her school.

After having seen him act so shamelessly, she couldnt help but see him in a different light.

“Do you need something from me, Director Han” With a look of impatience, Yun Xi raised her eyebrows slightly as she stopped by him.

Han Yaotian chuckled.

He didnt seem bothered about what had happened last time, but seemed very sincere.

“Last time, when I invited you to dinner, I didnt know that you didnt like Western-style food.

My apologies for disappointing you.”

The Han family hadnt been doing well lately.

Although he was an illegitimate child, his father still hoped that he could inherit the family business.

Therefore, he knew everything about the corporation.

Young Marshal Mu had intervened in their joint venture project in order to save it this time, but the Han family was still in a precarious situation.

In order to preserve their business, although it might be difficult to approach Young Marshal Mu, this girl who could approach Young Marshal Mu was easy to talk to.

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