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Chapter 341: Lifelong Nightmare

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Han Yaotian never reached out to anyone except to ask them for favors.

Yun Xi couldnt help but being a little curious about why Han Yaotian had come to her at this time.

“What happened last time is over.

Ive accepted your apology.

Why has Director Han come again now”

“Its still about what happened last time, when I made Miss Yun upset.

This time, I made a reservation for Jinding.

Lets have some Chinese food.”

“Sorry, we just came back from eating.”

“Then lets go have afternoon tea together.

I have a favor to ask of you, Miss Yun.

Do you think you could spare some of your time”

From Han Yaotians words, it was obvious that this invitation didnt include Zhao Yumo.

Yun Xi glanced at the insistent Han Yaotian.

If she didnt agree, he would probably wait at the school gates every day.

Not wanting any more rumors spreading around school, Yun Xi gestured with her eyes at Zhao Yumo.

Zhao Yumo waved her hand and exhorted Yun Xi.

“Ill go get some rest.

You, get back to class on time.”

After getting in the car, Yun Xi turned to look at Han Yaotian.

“Find a coffee shop.

If you have something to say, spill it out.

I dont want you to have to come all this way again.

That could be really exhausting for you.”

Every time he faced the prickly Yun Xi, Han Yaotian felt completely powerless, as if he were kicking an iron plate.

But this time, he had had no choice but to come to see her again.

This girl obviously didnt like him.

If he cant figure out how to ease their relationship, it wont be convenient for her to do anything to help him in the future.

Especially since this girl has an unusual relationship with the Chen family, the Jiang family, and even Young Marshal Mu.

She was like a network of relationships, and as long as he could hold her in his hands, he could control this network and gain more power and benefits for the Han family.

“You dont seem to like me very much.

What am I not doing well enough, or are my looks not pleasing to you Tell me what Im doing wrong, and I can change it.”

Taking advantage of the red light, he turned his head and looked at her gently as he spoke with a sincere expression.

Yun Xi turned her head away.

Han Yaotians serious, attentive expression looked exactly the same as it had in her previous life.

In her last life, every time he used this method on her, she couldnt help but give in to his gentleness.

Again and again, she smiled as she quenched her thirst by drinking his poison.

In this life, upon seeing Han Yaotian acting like this again, she only found it ironic and ridiculous.

Her fear of falling down and death haunted her every time she dreamed at night.

This was her lifelong nightmare.

Discreetly concealing the emotion in her eyes, she turned her head away to hide her emotional turmoil.

“Im not familiar with Director Han, nor are we friends.

It doesnt matter whether I like you or not.”

“We can become friends if we arent yet friends.

I am also friends with Young Master Chen, so how can I be a bad guy Speaking of this, I also graduated from Jing High School, so youre technically my junior.

If youre admitted to Jing University in the future, youll be my junior alumni again.

With such a deep bond, why cant we be friends”

“Then it depends on Mr.

Hans motives for becoming my friend.

If you want to use me to achieve certain ulterior motives, then sorry, but I dont like being exploited as a friend.”

She was so straightforward that for a moment there was a flash of embarrassment and shame on Han Yaotians face.

Soon, however, he resumed his gentle, elegant demeanor, as if he didnt understand what she meant.

He continued maneuvering the steering wheel with an airy smile.

“Miss Yun is the most interesting girl I have ever met.

Other girls let me get my way in everything because of my identity, but youre different.

Youre very real and arent pretentious like they are.

In our social circle, its hard to make real friends.”

Inside her down jacket, Yun Xis hands tightened their grips inch by inch.

He had also said exactly this to her in her previous life.

Even after so long, it really felt like it had been yesterday.

If it hadnt been for her experience in her previous life, she might have been moved by what he said.

“Thank you, Mr.

Han, for your flattering compliments, but I dont really like becoming friends with people in your social circle.”

“What about the Eldest Heir Isnt he also in my social circle”

Yun Xi smiled.

“Hes different.”

At the very least, he wouldnt spend all his time thinking about how to scheme against her.

After turning her head away, she happened to glance in the rearview mirror and suddenly realized that a van was close behind them.

The vans license plate was covered, blocking the number.

The speed of the car kept at the same level as theirs and followed them when they changed lanes.

Obviously, they were being followed!

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