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Chapter 342: The Reckoning of a Tyrant

She couldnt help but tense up.

This car behind them had been following all the way.

Was she the target, or was it Han Yaotian

Han Yaotian didnt seem to realize that the car was following him and was still sweet talking her, but she definitely wasnt in the mood to listen to what he was saying.

She retrieved the scalpel disguised as a pen from her backpack and calmly put it in the pocket of her down jacket.

She took out her phone and sent a message to Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi was dining in a restaurant at that moment, but when hed received her news, he threw down his chopsticks and ran to his office to open the monitoring screen.

“Grey Wolf, locate the address of this phone right away.

The girl is being followed by a van.

Can you scan to see if you can find out how many people are in the van”

“Young Marshal Mu, the research and development on infrared scanning isnt fully completed yet, so we can only try our best.”

Mu Feichi pressed the call button and directly issued instructions to a subordinate on the other end of the phone.

“What have you guys been doing”

“Young Marshal Mu! We were just about to report to you.

This morning, we found out that Crocodile took a car out, and our people have been following him.”

“Where have they followed him to”

“Theyre now on the road to downtown!”

“Keep watching for me! Is there anyone following the girl now”

“I sent a team to follow her also.”

“Report the specific address to me now.”

Mu Feichi looked at the positioning directions displayed on the screen and listened to the addresses reported by his subordinate.

The two addresses were the same, and his dark eyes suddenly got troubled.

He pulled out his phone and dialed Yun Xis number, but the phone had been turned off.

On the location map, another car appeared on the screen, and, soon, the two spots stopped at the same place.

After a while, the other one started moving again, but the phone was still in place.

The other car wasnt moving.

He dialed Yun Xis phone again.

The phone located on the map hadnt moved, and the phone call wasnt getting connected.

“Grey Wolf, follow the person tailing their car, right away!”

“Yes, sir!”

Soon, Grey Wolf called back, and Mu Feichi asked coldly, “Report your situation to me immediately!”

“Young Marshal Mu, they followed Han Yaotians car the entire way and then they tied them up in an underground parking lot.

Theres a woman with him as well.”

“D*mn it!” Suddenly thinking of a possibility, Mu Feichi slammed his fist on the desk and gloomily issued a command.

“Follow them.

If you lose them, youll be punished!”

Without saying anything further, he promptly pressed the emergency button for the entire Tianyu Mountain.

“Qi Yuan, immediately organize a group of two personnel to stand by, and three groups of helicopters on standby! The girl has been kidnapped by Crocodile!”

Upon hearing this, Qi Yuan gasped.

“Yes, I will immediately issue the order!”

“Grey Wolf, you monitor the location of that car, and report the location to me at every moment!”

“Yes, sir!”

Standing up, Mu Feichi flung down the phone and directly put on earbuds for easier contact.

He then turned around and opened the bookcase that occupied the entire wall behind the office chair.

He changed into casual attire at the fastest speed possible, then ran downstairs.

When he got to the tarmac, Li Zilan was already waiting by the helicopter.

Her face had on heavy makeup.

With dark green eyeshadow, dark black lip gloss, and blunt short hair, her face was particularly eye-catching.

Mu Feichi glanced at her with an extremely sulky expression on his face.

“Dont worry! She will be fine!”

Saying that, Li Zilan turned around and climbed into the helicopter.

He hadnt wanted the girl to bear too many burdens that didnt belong to someone of her age, but accidents could always happen.

Todays incident was the best proof of that.

He hoped that nothing had happened to the girl, otherwise, someone would bear the reckoning of Mu Feichi!

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