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Chapter 344: Contemptible Man

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As soon as the phone call was connected, Han Yaotian, with an anxious expression, yelled at his father, Han Hongbin, on the other end of the phone, “Dad! Dad, come save me!”

Yun Xi looked at this man who was being held prisoner across from her with contempt, and, inexplicably, she felt a burst of pleasure.

In her last life, she had been kidnapped because of him, and she had felt isolated and helpless.

In this life, he was getting a taste of all the fright and terror she had once felt.

It just so happened that he was also experiencing what it was like to have been kidnapped…

Everything in Han Yaotians life had run smoothly.

Now, after experiencing what it felt like to be kidnapped, he would finally understand that when it came down to the choice between life and money, which one was more important.

After the kidnapper had gotten the answer he wanted, he put away his phone and unceremoniously kicked Han Yaotian to the ground.

“Han Hongbin, youd better not play any tricks with us.

If you dare to mess around, I wont mind making your son the scapegoat.”

After the call with Han Hongbin was finished, the masked man left two men to guard Han Yaotian and one to guard Yun Xi, while he waited for Han Hongbin to deliver what he wanted.

On the helicopter, Mu Feichi was looking on his laptop at the location map that Grey Wolf had sent.

He did so while listening to the report of the subordinate who had followed their car.

“Young Marshal Mu, the car is in an abandoned factory in a southwestern suburb.

Our people have surrounded the periphery.

We arent sure how many people are inside yet.”

“Stay where you are, and well be there right away.”

Mu Feichi enlarged the satellite positioning map on his computer screen and instructed Grey Wolf, “Send the GPS location of this factory.”

“Im already scanning it in,” Grey Wolf responded, as he quickly sent over the topographic map of the nearby area and the GPS location of the factory.

“Read the scan for me to determine the number of kidnappers in the factory.”

“There are four people guarding the factory at the 12 oclock position, six people at the 3 oclock position, 12 people at the entrance at the 6 oclock position, and nine people at the 9 oclock position.

The factory is divided into three floors, with the second floor guarded by four people and the third floor guarded by three people.

We can enter at the highest point of the factory from the 12 oclock position.

There is a landing on the third floor, which is the best rescue location.”

After Mu Feichi had grasped the situation, he turned to look at Li Zilan.

Li Zilan nodded confidently and directly confirmed the direction of action.

After taking off his headset, Mu Feichi gave instructions to his other subordinates.

“Qi Yuan, take some people to the factory and meet up with those who were following them.

Feng Rui, follow me to the helicopter and hover in the forest around the factory.

Go in from the outside.”

After giving the orders, Mu Feichi looked at the address on the map and ordered the helicopter personnel in a deep voice, “Hurry up, hover in the forest within two miles of the factory.”

“Yes, sir!”

Mu Feichi looked at the map on his laptop.

His eyes appeared sullen, and there was only one thought in his mind.

He hoped that nothing would happen to the girl while she waited for him.

In the factory, Han Yaotian had finally calmed down.

Only then did he notice Yun Xi, who he had neglected, and he felt embarrassed and guilty.

After much effort, he finally managed to convince them to tear the tape off Yun Xis mouth.

Today, he had been really unlucky to have her get kidnapped along with him.

When word spread, besides the Chen family and the Jiang family, Young Marshal Mu was going to hold him accountable as well.

Not only had he failed to reap any benefits from his association with her, hed also managed to bring more trouble upon himself.

“Miss Yun, Im so sorry to have troubled you.

I…I never expected such a thing to happen.

Dont be afraid, my dad will come to save us soon.”

Yun Xi looked at Han Yaotian coldly.

If she combined both of her lives, her grievances toward him were immeasurable!


Han, if you have the slightest bit of decency left, dont come harassing me anymore.

I got dragged into your bad luck.

These are the Han familys affairs, yet here I am as well.”

If she had known that this would happen, she wouldve just bitten the bullet and laid her cards out in front of the Han family from the beginning.

Now that Han Yaotian had involved her in such a messy situation, just thinking about it infuriated her.

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