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Chapter 345: A Queen Who Had Returned from H*ll

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Too tired to blabber about any other nonsense with Han Yaotian, and trying to conceal herself from the kidnappers, Yun Xi shrank back into a corner.

Her hands were tied behind her back with a rope, and she leaned sideways to be able to avoid the kidnappers sight.

Behind her back, her hands were carefully holding the pockets of her down jacket and pulling at them.

Fortunately, it hadnt been too cold today so she hadnt zipped up the jacket, otherwise she wouldnt have been able to do what she wanted to do now.

It took a lot of energy to get the pen in the pocket of her down jacket into her hands.

It was really a scalpel that she had disguised as a pen in order to protect herself.

From the outside, it looked no different from an ordinary pen.

However, when removing the cap, it revealed the sharpest scalpel blade.

With tensed-up nerves and her eyes on the kidnappers, she moved the scalpel up and down and carefully cut the ropes around her wrists.

She couldnt see behind herself obviously, so she could only cut the rope blindly.

She accidentally cut her wrists several times, and the pain made her grit her teeth.

Disregarding the bleeding from her wrists, Yun Xi kept a vigilant lookout.

However, Han Yaotians blabbering kept distracting her.

“Shut up! You make too much noise.”

The pain on her wrist was making Yun Xi a little irritable, but his talking had also blocked out the sound of her cutting the rope.

The moment the rope was cut, she shouted to Han Yaotian to be quiet out of exasperation.

Holding the scalpel, she loosened her wrists from the ropes.

The two kidnappers guarding Han Yaotian had also been annoyed by Han Yaotians endless blabbering, and they walked over and kicked him once again.

The kidnapper who was guarding Yun Xi had his back to her, so Yun Xi seized the opportunity to stand up, clenched her fists, precisely punched the acupuncture points on his neck, and stabbed his neck with the blade at the same time.

The kidnappers eyes widened in shock.

The painful sensation made him turn around.

Then, holding his neck, he fainted onto the ground.

Before the other guard could do anything, Yun Xi nimbly lowered her head and kicked him.

Her strong survival instincts kept her moving, because in such a life-or-death situation, she didnt care any longer about whether she got injured.

Her only issue was…self-preservation.

She had already died once, so this issue was of prime importance for her.

She hadnt gotten her revenge yet, nor had she taken back what rightfully belonged to her!

If she died again, it was unlikely that the odds would be in her favor for God to give her a third chance at life.

Therefore, her movements had to be fast and accurate.

She couldnt show any mercy.

The other two kidnappers raised their heads when they heard noises from the room where the prisoners were.

Yun Xi surprised them, raising her hand and punching one kidnappers carotid artery, while, with her other hand, she slashed the neck of the other kidnapper.

Han Yaotian watched the two kidnappers fall to the ground in awe.

His handsome face appeared petrified and helpless, but he couldnt hide how impressed he was by the agile young girl in front of him.

“You…” Before he could speak, Yun Xi shot him an icy glare.

That glance had a deathly hellish aura and a certain fierceness that didnt belong to someone of her age.

Scarlet blood stained her delicate, rosy-cheeked face, and she looked eerily breathtaking!

He realized that this little girl wasnt as simple as hed thought.

With a flip of the wrist, shed quickly taken care of these kidnappers.

The blade that looked like a pen in her hand was still dripping blood…

When facing this kind of situation, hed felt nothing but terror and anxiety, especially now when he saw these people falling down.

He was so scared that his heart missed a few beats.

Yet this girl beat them all up without even batting an eye.

Yun Xi looked up at the kidnappers patrolling on the third floor.

They were in a blind spot, and there was a large machine blocking their vision.

Those kidnappers wouldnt discover this situation very quickly.

She glanced at Han Yaotian, then cut the rope holding his hands.

Like a queen who had returned from h*ll, Yun Xi stood up and looked down at him condescendingly.

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